How to Set Up Skype and Google Voice to Enable Call Forwarding Overseas From the Us? [Solved]

You could add your Skype-In phone number to Google Voice as a linked/forwarding telephone, but if your US carrier were to forward a Google Voice call to your cell phone overseas, you’re using your International roaming minutes and paying a steep price.

There’s a better way, and it’s free.

Eliminate Skype and use your Google Voice phone number with companion service Google Hangouts.

if you install Google Hangouts app on your phone and you have wifi or 3/4G data, you can make 100% free calls to the US and Canada using Google Hangouts, and people in the US can dial your Google number to reach you for the cost of dialing your US Google Voice phone number, even if you are located outside the US.

Google Hangouts never uses your carrier’s voice network, only wifi or 3/4G data, so Hangouts calls are always free to the US and Canada, even if you are located in another country when you place or receive your call.

You can use Hangouts on a computer, making your computer a speaker telephone, when you access Hangouts at their Hangouts web page.

You can get Google Hangouts from iTunes and Google Play 1 (basic app) and Google Play 2 (dialer app). Note that two apps are required for Android devices.

With Skype:

Settings, Account and Profile, My Account, Manage Features, Call Forwarding and Voicemail. Here you can set incoming calls to your Skype Name (or Skype Number if you have one) to be forwarded after x seconds to voicemail, to another Skype account or to a landline or mobile number. For the latter two, you'll need either a little Skype credit or a Skype subscription matching your destination country.

Another option is to give your close friends a Skype to Go number that calls your overseas number directly.

At Konnekt, all our customers use Skype to stay in touch with contacts throughout the world. It's especially handy when they leave an elderly relative at home alone. A video phone such as the one from can help the elderly seat connected and feel less lonely while their family can't be there with them. The traveling family members, rather than using call forwarding, generally use Skype over Wi-Fi while traveling abroad, or else buy a little mobile data.

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