How to Setup a SIP Account on Google Voice? [Solved]

There are a few ways to do this.

  1. Use a VoIP device by Obihai. Obihai produces SIP ATAs and desk phones that can also connect directly to Google Voice using XMPP/Jingle.
  2. Set up a PBX using Asterisk. Asterisk has a module known as “chan_motif” that allows direct integration with Google Voice on XMPP/Jingle. Then you can interconnect SIP devices with your PBX and effectively be using SIP with Google Voice.
  3. Use the Google Voice Gateway from Simon Telephonics ( (note: I am the proprietor of this service), which provides direct interworking between Google Voice and a SIP phone, ATA, or software of your choice.

Another way to setup a SIP account on Google Voice?

Google Voice doesn't support SIP. Google Voice only forwards calls to USA-based actual telephone numbers. The phone number can be issued by a POTS carrier, a VoIP carrier, or a mobile carrier, but it needs to be terminated on the US telephone network (that means, you need to be able to have Google call the phone number over the PSTN).

From Google voice you can not. But you can purchase a SIP DID number from places like Worldwide VoIP Origination and Termination and forward all the calls from your google voice number to this DID and the to a SIP account/server


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