How to Setup a SIP Account on Google Voice? [Solved]

There are a few ways to do this.

  1. Use a VoIP device by Obihai. Obihai produces SIP ATAs and desk phones that can also connect directly to Google Voice using XMPP/Jingle.
  2. Set up a PBX using Asterisk. Asterisk has a module known as “chan_motif” that allows direct integration with Google Voice on XMPP/Jingle. Then you can interconnect SIP devices with your PBX and effectively be using SIP with Google Voice.
  3. Use the Google Voice Gateway from Simon Telephonics ( (note: I am the proprietor of this service), which provides direct interworking between Google Voice and a SIP phone, ATA, or software of your choice.

Another way to set up a SIP account on Google Voice?

Google Voice doesn't support SIP. Google Voice only forwards calls to USA-based actual telephone numbers. The phone number can be issued by a POTS carrier, a VoIP carrier, or a mobile carrier, but it needs to be terminated on the US telephone network (that means, you need to be able to have Google call the phone number over the PSTN).

From Google's voice, you can not. But you can purchase a SIP DID number from places like Worldwide VoIP Origination and Termination and forward all the calls from your google voice number to this DID and the to a SIP account/server

what is sip in google contacts?

Session Initial Protocol (SIP) is a well-known protocol used for VoIP communications, which allows the users to make video and voice calls, free of charge. With SIP, people around the world can communicate through computers and mobile devices using the internet. The biggest benefit of SIP is that it reduces communication costs. Any voice or video calls did between the SIP users are completely free. There are no restrictions or rules or charges for SIP calls. If you want, you can also have SIP apps as well as SIP addresses for free.

Working of SIP 

To use SIP, you will have a SIP address and a SIP client on your device, including all other necessities. After that, you are required to configure a SIP client. In earlier times, there was a lot of stuff for technical setup, but nowadays you just need to enter the SIP credentials and other necessary info to set your account. Here are the basic requirements of the SIP account setup:

  • A SIP address or account- It can be received from any online provider. You can get a SIP account for free. It is also used as a SIP calling account.

  • A SIP client- It is a program that you install in your system or device. It is an interface for communication. 

  • An internet connection- A proper internet connection is a must in order to carry out the video or voice calls.

  • Headphones and microphones- It will help in receiving and sending the voice or video messages.

  • Someone on the other end- there must be someone on the other end to whom you want to talk.

If you want to know more about what is SIP phone number, contact the service provider. The contact details are available on the internet.

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    Voice over IP is a phone connection established over an internet network. The voice and multimedia data is digitally sent over the internet rather than an analogue phone line.

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