How to Stop Google Play Store From Updating Itself? [Solved]

You can stop apps being auto updating in the following way.

  • Go to Google Play Store app.
  • Click the menu button and click settings
  • Select "Auto - Update Apps" Under General
  • Choose "Do not Auto - Update Apps"

If you want to stop Google play specifically from updating itself,  you can do it by following these steps:

  • Go to Setting--> Data Usage
  • under the usage graph there is list of apps with usage specified on right side.
  • Go to Google Play and at the below you will find Option Restrict Background Data click on that check box..
  • and here you go.

Though you cant install any apps from Play store with these setting, but you can always enable background data whenever needed.

Another way to stop Google Play store from updating itself?

  1. Install busybox and terminal emulator
  2. Turn off internet
  3. Open app manager, find Google play and uninstall updates
  4. Open terminal emulator and type:
  • su
  • touch /data/app/
  • chattr +i /data/app/

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