How to Sync My Dropbox Account With My Google Drive? [Solved]

The best and the most efficient way to sync Google Drive and Dropbox is to use 

Here are some benefits:

  • cloudHQ will actually upload Google Docs document into Dropbox in MS Office format: so you can edit them using MS Office from your Dropbox
  • cloudHQ can, optionally, upload your Dropbox MS Office document in Google Docs format so you can use Google Docs interface to
  • cloudHQ can establish two-sync but without "replicating deletion": so basically Google Drive can be become backup/archive of your Dropbox (or vice-versa)
  • There is no need to have your PC/home computer running for sync to happen: as soon as you edit file for example via iPhone/Android or your iPad, the changes will be instantly copied directly between Google servers and Dropbox server.
  • You can sync / merge / consolidate multiple Dropbox and Google Drive accounts
  • You can sync just a portion of your Dropbox / Google Drive account

Another Simple Method to Sync My Dropbox Account with My Google Drive?

For exactly that we built SecureBeam. It connects your Dropbox and your Google Drive by splitting each single file into two chunks and then loading 50% to your Dropbox and 50% to your Google Drive. With this it combines the free space to more then 17 GB. 
Feel free to give it a try and let me know if it fits to your needs.
Link to the Android version:

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