How Can I Track any Phone Through Google Earth? [Solved]

How do you track a phone through Google Earth?

How do you track a phone through Google Earth?

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Another way to track a phone through Google Earth?

Well, Google Maps, not necessarily Google Earth.

  1. Android phone must be connected to a Google Account.
  2. Internet access is must to see the current location.
  3. Location reporting and history features must be enabled in Google app settings on your device.

Normally Google Maps location history is used for locating your lost phone and to see the previous locations of your phone. Tracking of android phone can be done by Android Device Manager. Follow the below steps to locate android phone on the map:

  1. Go to Google Maps Location History Website and login using same Google Account through which you signed in your android phone.
  2. Click on today’s date or choose the dates from calendar or choose the no. of days which are given by default.
  3. Click on “Show Timestamps“.
  4. Now it will show you different locations of your mobile.
  5. Click on latest timestamp to see the last available location on the map.
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