How to Transfer My Pictures and Videos From Google Drive to Google Photos? [Solved]

As far as We know,(the exact answer to your question) you can do that only by downloading them from Google Drive and re-uploading them to Google Photos.

However , if it s a headache for you, there is a option in Google Photos settings which let you to “ ONLY SEE” your photos/videos present in Google Drive via Google Photos.

Another way to transfer my pictures and videos from Google Drive to Google Photos?

Unfortunately there is no easy way. Steps:

  • 1. Download photos and videos from Google Drive
  • 2. Upload to Google Photos using High Quality mode so it does not count towards storage use (there is some degradation of quality but ok for online viewing)
  • 3. Check that photos and videos have been properly uploaded
  • 4. Take some time to label the photos and videos and put them into relevant albums (makes it easier to search at later stage)
  • 5. Delete them from Google Drive to free up storage space
  • 6. Empty your Google Drive Trash folder


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