How to Transfer Photos From Icloud Photos to Google Photos? [Solved]

Did your wife delete all of the photos that were uploaded to iCloud off of her phone? If she uploaded all of her photos to iCloud from her iPhone, did she do that by plugging her phone into the computer and allowing the photos to sync from her phone to the photos app and then to iCloud?

If she has the photos still on her phone then she can simply plug her phone into the computer and pull all the photos off her phone and then you can simply drag and drop them into Google. 

If she no longer has the photos on her phone, but she uploaded them to the photos app on the computer which then uploaded them to iCloud then she can simply pull all the photos out of the app and drag them directly into Google. 

You didn't mention what type of computer you have, but I am thinking that you must have a Windows-based computer. Is that true? If so then she probably uploaded her photos directly from her phone, and did not sync them with a Photos app on the computer. Is this true?

If she uploaded the photos, directly from her phone then you should check the settings that she has set for her iCloud photos in settings on her phone. If she has it set to optimize space on her phone, then switch the optimize space setting off and choose instead to have it download the originals and keep them on her phone. Once you turn that on, her phone well connected to Wi-Fi will download again all the photos that were uploaded to iCloud and then you can simply plug her phone into the PC and download the photos directly onto the computer hard drive. 

As to your question about size, quality, meta-tags, Geo location data etc. there is no need to worry as Apple makes sure that all the originals and the data gets saved on iCloud and can be retrieved whenever the photos are downloaded. 

Please let us know of your set up and how the photos were uploaded to iCloud so that I can help you as best as possible. 

Another way to transfer photos from iCloud photos to Google Photos?

iCloud can sync your iPhone’s pictures using its “Photo Stream” feature. But it just offers the users only 5GBs of free storage. So, some would like to switch platforms and try out an Android device. Then how to copy files to a new phone?

Method 1:

Download your iCloud pictures to your iPhone, copying these pictures from your iPhone to your PC by USB cable and so on.

Method 2:

Use third party softwares (data transfer phone to phone/Mobile transfer) to transfer photos from icloud to android

Note:- This Article on How to transfer photos from iCloud photos to Google Photos? Will downloading these from iCloud lose the tags in the original images, specifically date and geotags is only meant to provide information.

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