How to Upload Google+ Photos to Instagram? [Solved]

On your phone open the pic or select several pics with long press

press the share button ( three dots joined )

select Instagram.

Another ways to upload Google+ photos to Instagram?

if you’re among the active Instagram users base who would like your  photos to appear in your Google + albums, here’s a more thorough  explanation on how to to automatically link your Instagram images to  your new Google + account. Note that the images will not appear as a  status update or “share” in your stream, but they will end up in your  photos, accessible to anyone you want, depending on your permission  settings.  Here you go

Make sure you have downloaded and installed Picasa. That is not simply, but the downloadable app, version 3.8 for Mac, in my case, which has  features that make it easier for you to upload images to your Picasa  account.
Download and install Dropbox. Dropbox is a free service that lets you store, access and share photos, docs and videos from any computer.
Authorize Instagram to automatically post photos to your dropbox via Instadrop, a simple little app that makes this possible. Then take a photo and  post to Instagram.  A new folder should appear in your Dropbox.  Note  that only new photos, post installation, will appear.
Next, go to your Picasa 3 app, not your Google account. Under “file”  click on “add folder to Picasa.” (There is no “add folder” when you are  accessing Picasa via Google.) The folder manager window will appear.   You have to find your actual dropbox folder and click on scan always.   If you can’t find your dropbox folder, try this:   harddrive/users/yourname/dropbox. That’s the location of the folder.  Don’t move the folder. Instead, in your folder manager, click on hard  drive, then users, then your name, then dropbox. There should be an  Instagram folder there, presuming you have posted to Instagram since  linking Instadrop and Dropbox.

  1. Next check your Picasa 3 app. You will see the same  Instagram folder – mine showed up under “other stuff.” Over on the top  right of the window there is a button option Sync to Web: On (or off).   Turn it on.  This should link your dropbox images, which are  automatically updated by Instagram, to Picasa.
  2. Lastly, go to your Google account, click on photos (your Picasa  photos) and the album will be there. You can set your privacy settings  either there, under “actions” then “album properties,” or on Picasa 3  under “share.”

You are all set. Next time you post to Instagram it will appear in  your dropbox, then in your Google photos and simultaneously in your  Google Plus album
Should take you only a few minutes to set up if you already use  Picasa.  If you don’t you should.  Chances are that if Google + takes  off, this cloud-based photo storing/sharing service will become an even  more essential part of your social footprint than it already is.

Note:- This Article on How to upload Google+ photos to Instagram is only meant to provide information.

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