How to fix Linksys Router error

Linksys routers are cost-effective and very reliable. Sometimes our Linksys Router can stop working and that can be because of  Router error. If you want to know what is it and how to resolve it then read the blog.

What is the Linksys Router's error?

If the router stops working or does not establish a connection then it can be because of router error. There are various types of errors like error 2112, error 2118, error 2123 and so on. These errors can occur because of network issues, incorrect configuration, outdated versions, etc. Sometimes these errors are temporary and solve automatically but if they persist then follow these ways to resolve them.

Ways to resolve Linksys Router error

1. Powercycle

The first thing you can do is to power-cycle your Linksys Router. To do so, turn it off then restart it after a while.

2. Cache and cookies

Next, you can clear your browser’s cache and cookies. A cache can also cause errors by overloading and corrupting files or apps. So delete them and restart the router.

3. Update

The error can be a cause of an outdated version. So if the message of an update appears, proceed with it. Update your Linksys system to the latest version.

4. Configuration

An error can also cause if the configuration is not compatible with the device or is incorrect. To resolve this you can reset your router.

5. Network issue

There can also be connectivity issues. Try to connect the router through an ethernet cable. You can also try to load pages to make sure if the internet is working properly.

If the Linksys Router error still persists then you can call the Linksys router Support phone number and take help from trained and skilled executives. They will provide you with solutions to resolve the issue.

How do I recover my Linksys router password? 

There can be a time that anyone has breached into your Linksys password. And this can only happen in the event if you have a compromised or easy password. So, if you have suspected that someone is using your password then you can choose to go with Linksys router password recovery to protect your data. But if you do not know how to proceed then you may follow the steps below. 

Easy Steps to Reset Linksys Router Password! 

  1. Press and hold the reset button of the Linksys router for at least 30 seconds. The location of the reset button varies depending upon the design of your router. 

  2. Doing so hard reset takes place and it is restored to factory defaults. Now login into the account and reconfigure the router from a hard reset.

  3. Connect a PC to the ethernet port of the router and then open a web browser and go to the link A Pop-up box is displayed prompting you to log in. Enter the default username and password as both are set as admin. 

  4. Now go to the management tab after logging into the account to reset your password. Tap on the “Reset Password” option and choose a password as per the requirement. 

Therefore, with the help of the above steps a user can proceed with password recovery of Linksys router. For any further information or help, a user is free to contact the router service provider. This customer service is 24/7 active to help you. 

So, if encountering any issue you are free to contact on the toll-free Linksys router support number which is 24/7 active. 

How do I find the password for my Linksys wireless router?

In this technological dependency, the internet is playing a very important role for the users. And this internet can be used with the help of wireless routers or network service providers. And if you have a Linksys wireless router as your network provider then you shall relax as this router provides the best speed provided you have a good service provider. But if you wish to connect your Linksys router with any other device then you require a password. And in case you do not remember your password then you can locate your password and enter the same in the device. Here are the steps which will answer your question of how do I reset a Linksys router password which is mentioned below. 

Find Your Linksys Router Password in Simple Steps! 

  1. Connect your computer to the Ethernet jack of the router. 

  2. Type in the link such that you can log into the Linksys administration panel. 

  3. To access your router’s wireless settings you can tap on the “Wireless” option. 

  4. When the wireless network settings are displayed in front of you, tap on the menu that contains “WEP and WPA”. 

  5. A box is displayed which is labeled as “Password” and you can tap on the box to find out the password.  

  6. In case you want to change your password then tap on the option “Change” which is just below the password displayed and create a new and memorable password. 

Therefore, with the help of the above steps on Linksys router reset password and finding passwords you will get your answer. But in case you require any help then contact respective customer service. 



How to contact the Linksys router customer support team?

Linksys router users often need to contact their customer support team due to many reasons. Linksys customer support team members are very well qualified and experts in their field. They are always ready to help the customers regarding any query. If you are interested in knowing that why do Linksys router users need customer support and what are the ways to contact their customer support team, then you are welcome here.

Why contact Linksys router customer support?

There are various reasons due to which Linksys router users need customer support. Some of the main causes to contact Linksys router customer support are listed below:

  • How to install the Linksys router without CD
  • How to reset Linksys router
  • How can I log into my Linksys router
  • Why my Linksys router not working
  • Why Linksys router power light blinking

What are the ways to contact Linksys router customer support?

Linksys provides various ways to get in touch with their customer support team that are further discussed below:

Phone call support

  • Linksys router provides customer support through phone calls +1-888-585-5194
  • There is a toll-free number for Linksys router to get in direct touch with their customer support team.

Live chat support

  • Linksys also provides support to the customers through live chat. Tap start live chat option available on their website.
  • Type your query in the chatbox and the customer support representative will be assigned to you who will resolve your query.

Twitter support

  • Linksys also has a twitter help page where customers can send their queries through a tweet.


  • Linksys router customer service is also available through a community page where you can share and exchange suggestions.

This is how you can contact the Linksys router customer support team and get a proper resolution for your query.

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