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Landed in the era of digitalization, we all know the advantages of having printers because now even though the soft copy of the documents is in trend but still, occasionally only hard copy of some documents is needed and then you need to get the print out of the documents and that too with the good printing quality. So for that purpose user needs to opt for some good printer. Although there are so many available printers in the market like HP, Brother, Canon, Epson, Dell, and many more.

Contacting the support team for the printer repair 

Printers are kind of devices used by almost every type of person. Whether you use Printers for getting printouts for any college/school assignment or you use printers at your workplace. Now a lot of times while connecting the printer to the computer for getting a print out of any important document, it fails to respond. Printers not responding to the command for printing is a very common issue these days. As a user, if you face similar issues then it could be because of any malfunction in a printer or computer or even any technical bug. 

Reasons behind Printers not working 

If you are facing issues in your printing device and you cant fix them with the help of troubleshooting steps then you can contact the Printer tech support. The support team of any printer machine has professional experts who listen to the doubts of the users and only give professional guidance. But before you jump to contact the customer care team, try to figure out first that why is your printer not printing.

Reasons behind Printers not working properly 

  • Internet connection 

These days mostly printers that are being used are digital machines that require to be connected with the internet in case you print anything online. And just in case the internet connection fails hence you won't be able to connect to your printing device. 

  • Printer device missing 

If you are using any digital printer but if you have not installed the printer driver in your computer then the printer won't respond to any command issued. 

  • The cable connecting computer and printer is weak 

If the cable wire that you use to connect your device to printer gets lose or even broken then your either of two devices won't respond to any command. 

  • The USB port is broken 

In case of the USB port, you use to connect your devices gets broken or even stops working then your printer will not respond to any comment. 

Fixing the issues of Printer device not working 

Once you have figured out why your printer is not working, then first try fixing it with the help of troubleshooting steps. But suppose if you are not able to resolve the error then try contacting the printer to help tech support for more help. 

How to contact the printer tech support 

If you are trying to contact the customer support team of your printer then you can follow below given guidelines. There are different mediums provided by the customer care team to contact for help. 


Helpline number for calling 


  1. If you think you urgently need to contact the customer care team, then calling the support staff is the best solution. Once you call on the helpline number, you will be assigned a few digits.
  2. Each digit assigned will be for one service each. And according to your need, you can press any one digit for one service.
  3. Once your call is connected, explain your concern to the team and they will try to fix it on the call itself. 
  4. In case your issue is not fixed yet on one call then the team will be in your constant touch till your issues don't get fixed. 


Email/ Live chat 

In case you are not able to contact the customer care team on call then you can even contact the support team by dropping a mail on the support id or by registering on the helpdesk and writing your complaint. 

Checking the FAQ section 

If you are facing any common issue related to the printer then you can even check the FAQ section online and try to find the solution of the technical bug in the device. 

Types of issues solved by the tech support team 

  1. If your printing device is not printing properly then you can contact the support team for fixing the issue. 
  2. You can also contact the support team in case your computer is not connecting the device. 
  3. Suppose if your printer's ink or paper gets over and you are facing difficulty in fixing it then you can contact the support team. 

And hence that's how can contact the printer tech support service. 

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Some of these mentioned issues, which can not be tackle or sort out by yourself, at that moment you need a technician who will guide you and sort out all the troubleshooting issues that may be technical or non-technical they are smart enough to know about your problems and resolve it at that moment only. Don’t panic in such kind of situation just buzz the number for Printers Support & service provider company or simply you can contact to the respective printer facility provider firm.

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