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Apple Safari is a web browser based on webkit engine and it first release in 2003. It is default browser for all the apple devices, as it is created by apple itself. Safari keep updated its version which safari 10 till date. Apple safari is the new way of browsing these days. This amazing browser is loaded with various features that gives a nice competition to existing browser like Chrome, Firefox, IE etc. Better speed, more security, own operating system , quick access are few basic features of Safari that attracts user very much towards it. Though Apple Safari 's earlier versions were compatible with Windows but later it is supported by Mac only.

Some common yet important features of Safari are :

  • Safari provides quick browsing.

  • Inline dictionary available in safari.

  • Quick notes taking features.

  • Easy navigation for most frequently accessed web pages.

  • Activity window.

  • Web inspector.

  • Speech selection facility.

  • Direct links to email and many more.

Apple Safari is gaining popularity and that is why , this article is fully dedicated to this amazing browser. But having these awesome feature some time perfect thing can also get defected, so the same case is with safari browser. There are issues like: Apple safari is slow, stop resonding & quits unexpectedly, safari is not working, apple safari crashed issue, installation, re-installation and un-installation issues in apple safari, update and upgrade safari on my Mac and many others. If you want to sort out these issues then contact to Apple safari support phone number round the clock 24/7.

If you are apple, want to download and install apple safari in your device then you have to follow thsese steps and install apple’s browser in your system.

  • Latest versions of Safari are not compatible with windows.

  • With the existing browser, open the official support page of Apple.

  • Here , user can find various Apple applications.

  • Click on the Safari icon.

  • Then click on Download button.

  • The executable file will get downloaded in the system at the pre mentioned folder.

  • Now run the executable file.

  • After installation finishes, restart the system.

  • User can find an option for auto update of Safari.

Just check that option , so that user can automatically get the latest version of Safari when it is there. If you can’t find the same or have any issue with safari then contact to apple safari customer service for help!

There may be chances when you are in need to uninstall safari browser, as some time it keep crashing or you want to download some higher version of this browser. In that case you should go through this article for removing safari from your system. We are discussing two methods, read it clearfully.

  • If un-installation choose preferences from the apple safari menu

  • Now click on the extensions.

  • Then select an extension from the list.

  • Now you can turn off the extension by de-selecting the enable checkbox.

  • If you can not find what an extension does, or you don't want to use it again,

  • Then click on the uninstall button.


  • From internet, download and install an application, CleanMyMac.

  • Open the application and from the tool bar, go to Cleanmymac and then Preferences.

  • Click on "Ignore List "and then choose "Uninstaller ".

  • Uncheck the option for "Ignore System Application ".

  • Again click on Cleanmymac and then open Uninstaller tab.

  • Search for Safari.

  • Click on Complete uninstallation and then click on Uninstall.

  • Now Apple Safari is not there in the system

CleanMyMac is an application that completely removes the software or application from the system. If user try to move the application to the Trash folder , just by deleting it, it doesn't mean that the software is completely removed as it contains various other files too that remain even after sending it to Trash folder. So CleanMyMac is the easier way to uninstall safari fully. If you have any issue then contact to apple safari customer support team for instant service!

Repair your apple safari browser by doing the same activity as mentioned below.

  • Launch Safari.

  • Click on Safari and then on Preferences.

  • Deselect "Include Search Engine Selections "and "Include safari selections".

  • Close Safari and now launch it again.

  • Delete all the browser history and unwanted cookies and caches.

  • Remove all the extensions and Add-ons. In the preferences, deselect extensions and add-ons.

Safari repair is required when it suddenly stops working or not responding or not working properly. Want any kind of technical support and service then dial apple safari tech support number and resolve or repair your browser!

Adding up extensions in safari browser which is really easy task, but there may be some user who are new in this thing, for those users just go through these steps and follow it.

  • Open the official web site of Apple support.

  • In the Gallery, user can see many extensions.

  • Click on the download button beside them whichever extension user wants to add.

  • If user is having extensions then from Preferences, go to Updates.

  • Check for the available updates.

  • If any then click on Update Now.

This way extensions can be updated. Extensions are small applications that enhance the browsing experience for watching videos, displays and other services. Though user can anytime disable or remove any extension if required. Do you have any issue while adding the extensions on apple safari then just buzz the Apple safari helpline number from help desk!

Why to Contact to Apple Safari Tech Support Professional?

Apple Safari is having various features and functionalities but at the same time, there can be technical issues. These issues need to be addressed quickly to continue the working of Safari. In case of any technical problem, user will be needing an instant support. That is the reason, user should call at the Apple safari technical support center. Here, qualified and experienced technicians are present to deliver the most promising tech support. It is a 24/7 service so user can call at safari help desk number at any time. The technicians are dedicated towards effective problem solving without much delays. Also, as the technicians are certified professionals, user should be assured of the best apple safari tech support. Thus enjoy the best of apple safari and keep the contact of apple safari technical support in the contact list for immediate support any time.

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