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Belkin router is one of the world’s leading routers which is used far and wide by unlimited number of users. This router is the one which can help you surf online without being scared of any threat. Many users utilise this router for a number of its characteristics. These routers are known for their robust performance which is the reason that just everybody prefers to purchase them. They are equipped with the USB ports which can be used for hosting external storage and printers. However in spite of a long list of its characteristics there can be a series of troubles which might be experienced by the Belkin router users. Some of them experience set up issues whereas others are struggling with update issues, uninstall issues and so on.  If you guys face such kind of issues then direct contact to belkin router support number or their team for help!
Let’s see what issues can affect your routers and also learn about the best solutions against these issues.

Many users are having trouble in installing or setting up Belkin Wireless router. However the right application of the following steps will really help you in installing your router.

  • First of all Plug in the Belkin router with the outlet of power and then connect the modem with this router.
  • Now connect your PC with the router with the help of a single Ethernet cable.
  • Now as you have connected this router so now you have to open the browser and type and then hit on the Enter button.
  • Now you will see a Belkin router set up page to configure your settings.
  • Next you can set up your password according to your requirements.

·         Once you have setup your router, then restart your router as well as computer.

Done with setting up process, hopefully you have  installed belkin router. If you are trapping with any kind of issue then contact to belkin router customer service number for immediate and fasted assistance!

If you having difficulties in accessing your Belkin router, then the below mentioned steps will prove to be a great help to you.

  • First open your browser and type into the URL field.
  • Click on Login.
  • If your router is in the pristine state then clicking submit will be the best for you.

Once you have logged in the router, then you can go on to set up your password which can be done as below.

  • You will have to locate the System Settings on the left hand page and then have to click on it.
  • Now the page which appears will ask you for the administrator password.
  • Next set up a desired password and then click on Save Settings.

If still the issue is not working then repeat the process, or otherwise contact to belkin router customer support phone number for help!

If you want to update belkin router firmware, and looking for help don’t go anywhere, we are listing down the steps which will sort out your issues.

1.     By checking the version of your firmware.

2.     By downloading the firmware.

3.     By performing the update process.

Checking the Firmware version

First you are supposed to check the firmware version of your router to ensure whether it is updated or not.

Downloading the Firmware

You need to download as well as update firmware file before you set out to update your router firmware, In case you face any difficulties, then you may utilise another browser.

Process for performing the update

Now it’s time to update your firmware. You can do so with the help of the following steps.

  • First of all access the setup page with the help of a web browser.
  • Now type the local IP address of your router on the search bar.
  • Now click on login.
  • After doing that enter the password of the router.
  • Then click on Submit.
  • Now click on Firmware Update from the Utilities option.
  • Next click on Browse for searching your file.
  • Once you have done that then choose the Firmware file.
  • Then click on Open.
  • Finally click on Update.
  • Now you will be asked to upgrade.
  • You need to click on OK now.
  • Now you will be prompted not to reboot or turn off the router till the upgrade is finished.
  • Now click on OK.
  • Once your update is finished then you will be asked to wait for some time.
  • After that click on OK once the router is done with rebooting.

We have discussed all the steps, hopefully now you can update the belkin firmware, if still having some other trobleshooting issues then buzz the belkin router tech support number for help and get assistance from help desk of belkin!

Having issue while configuring the belkin router to the system and laptops, then go through this article and follow the steps and resolve your issue.

  • First type the router ip address in the browser window.
  • Now click DNS under the head Internet WAN.
  • Now enter your router’s password and click on Submit.
  • After that uncheck the option Automatic from ISP.
  • Then enter OpenDNS addresses in secondary DNS address and DNS address.
  • After that click on the option Apply Changes.

Configuring belkin router is easy task, you have understand this thing from above steps, but there may be chances when people can’t perform the same function they need to contact to belkin router help desk  number!

Like if your router or modem does not work properly, you need to uninstall / remove it for that they have to perform these tasks.

  • First go to the folder named Applications.
  • Now open the Belkin folder.
  • After that double click on Uninstall icon.

Now you have easily uninstalled your Belkin routers with the help of the correct procedure mentioned above. However a lot of users are not able to clearly understand these instructions and the result is that they end up getting failed in fixing these tribulations. The Belkin router technicians are equipped with the rich technical knowledge which is very useful for you to remove these errors, which you can get from dilaing their belkin router helpline phone number!

Why to Contact to Belkin Router Tech Support & Customer Service Professional?

You can obtain their speedy help by contacting them by calling on their helpline number. These people have the best means through which they can address their technical glitches. They first look into the issues which have provided you a great stress and then think about the best strategy so that you will resume using your router in an effective way. The Belkin router support engineers also proffer affordable removal of the users issues which is the reason why their services are the most sought after ones in the market. Hence if you are one of the depressed Belkin routers who are looking for the most effectual ways to fix your issues, then do not be stressed anymore and call Belkin router tech support number at once to avail rapid online help against your issues.


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