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Hotmail is one of the webmail service provided by Microsoft. Initially Hotmail was founded by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith in 1996. But in 1997 it was acquired by Microsoft. Many updation and added version was carried over Hotmail. It is available in 36 languages, In 2013 Hotmail was replaced by Outlook. These days users access their email accounts on web, android devices and iphones and everywhere there is one technical issue or the other that they have to face. Such issues must be resolved by users by taking some quality assistance as they not be technically equipped enough to come up with solution steps on their own. Hotmail email account perform seamlessly but at times get heckled with technical issues. In such a scenario, users must go after precise troubleshooting steps by taking help from their credulous technicians. All that they need to do is to take assistance from the customer service team Hotmail. 

If you want to create your hotmail email account then follow these steps and create a new account with this email.

  • First go to the Hotmail's or Microsoft's website or the Link

  • Now click on No account? create one!

  • Now Fill up the form like your First name, last name.

  • Then create a username, it is your unique ID in Mircosoft t access its functionality.

  • Create a strong password and again type it.

  • Select your country, which would by default selected, if notthen choose the correct one.

  • Select your birth date and gender.

  • Now for highly secure account ID you need to enter phone number with correct country code, or write down your alternate Email ID.

  • Now fill up the captcha characters.

  • Ticked the susubscribe or notification tab Yes.

  • Now click on create account and verify your account.

Now you can use the most fascinating features of Microsoft’s product by creating its account. If you face any kind of issue while creating the account then contact to Hotmail customer service phone number!

If you have created your email account with Microsoft. Now you want to access its features by signin but you forget the password that time you can recover your Hotmail password by help of following steps.

  • Users must go to the Home page of Hotmail and click on the sign in link.

  • In the next step, users must click on Forgot password link below the login box.

  • Users must then select recover the password option.

  • Users will then be required to type in the last remembered password.

  • If it does not match with the current password, then the lost password will be sent on the alternate email id provided by users.

This is an easy way to recover your hotmail password, isn’t it?, but some user may find issue while doing the same task, they are advice to contact to hotmail password recovery phone number and ask your query from technicians!

You know how to recover hotmail password, but if you looking for help to reset your password then you are landed in right place, read these steps and follow the same procedure.

  • First of all, users must open their web browsers and then enter Hotmail.com to go to its homepage.

  • To proceed further with the process, they must click on Sign in link and then on forgot your password link?

  • Users must then choose why they want to reset their password from the given options.

  • Once this is done, they will be asked to provide their email account password and they must do the needful.

  • Once they have provided their email account password, users must enter the characters displayed on the screen.

  • It might be the case that there are security issues with the email account. Users will get a password recovery code if that is the case.

  • The received code must be entered by users to go to the password reset page.

  • Users must then type their new password.

Hotmail password reset is procedure is done, hopefully this article help out you. What about those person who are new in hotmail, for that it is suggested to contact the hotmail password reset phone number, which you will find in their official website!

Setting up hotmail in Android is an easy task, but what fixing the issues which user usually encountered with Android phone and Hotmail email.

  • In the very first step, users must tap on Play store.

  • Now users must enter Hotmail in the search field and then select Update.

  • Next step, users must then follow this route: Settings > Add account > Exchange.

  • To proceed further with the process, users must type their full email address and tap Next

  • In case users see a message Unable to sync calendar and contacts, then they must tap on Allow.

  • In the next step, users must click here link if they want to enable sync with the Hotmail app.

Guys if hotmail troubleshooting issues are still there, then you don’t have to worry about this, because Hotmail help desk phone number is at your service to tackle all glitches with Hotmail!

If you have added hotmail in your iphone and the hotmail app keep crashing in the phone, then you have to go through with these steps & sort out the things accordingly.

  • Users must first press the icon of Hotmail app for 5 seconds.

  • They a cross sign will appear on the icon.

  • Users must press this sign to delete the app.

  • Then tap on App store.

  • In the search field they must type Hotmail.

  • Users must then select Hotmail from the given options and select install.

  • Then wait for installation, and once done.

  • Tap on the app and then create their email account all over again.

See this was an easy activity, right?, keep solving hotmail troubleshooting issues by yourself otherwise hotmail tech support team is there for you to sort out the problems!

If you are using hotmail in app or email client then you need to setup POP, IMAP, SMTP settings for hotmail, so that you can use third party applications. For setup of these settings you have to follow this steps.

  • Users must first of all choose Tools and then click on Account settings.

  • In the next step, users must click on E-mail tab and click on New.

  • Users must make sure that Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP are selected.

  • In the next step, users must enter their name as they want it to appear in Outgoing mail.

  • Once this is done, users must select the Manually configure server settings.

  • It must be made sure that POP3 is selected under Account Type.

  • Users must then type Enter pop3.live.com in the next step.

  • Under Outgoing mail server, users must type smtp.live.com.

  • In the next step, users must enter their full Hotmail email address in the username field.

  • Similarly, users must mention their email account password in the password field and then click on more settings.

  • Once this is done, users must click on the Outgoing server tab.

  • To proceed further with the process, users must select the My Outgoing server requires authentication option.

  • In the next step, users must click on Advanced tab.

  • It must be made sure that This server requires an encrypted connection option is selected under Incoming server POP.

  • Users must then choose the SSL under Outgoing server SMTP.

  • In the next step, users must enter 995 Under Incoming server (POP3)

  • Users must then type 25 under Outgoing server and then click on Next.

  • Users must then click on Finish.

Now you know about all the outgoing settings in hotmail, if you have any issue while setup of these settings then contact to hotmail customer support phone number and get assisted from the highly experienced technicians, they are also reachable from hotmail helpline number which is mentioned in their website!

How to contact to Hotmail tech support team for help?

There can be lot many queries related to the Hotmail account apart from the above issues. If users want easy to implement troubleshooting as well as solution steps, then their best option is to contact Hotmail tech support team by calling at their hotmail support toll free helpline number or by posting queries on their online forums. All their solutions are provided via a remote desktop and users can avail their services round the clock. They have a bunch of credulous technicians who understand the nitty gritty of email accounts and sort out those sneaky glitches with your Hotmail account.


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