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Printer is a device which print a watchable thing on a paper, having the same features which you have seen in your computer system. There are so many printers in the market Hp printer is the most famous one. HP printers has been used exclusively among the individuals. People are preferring it because of it’s quality and features present in it.It is user-friendly and in fact available in different models. One could choose the desired model according to their requirements.The fact is that it is quite smoother in aspect of work but there are certain issues that may bother users.To get help in such situations,individuals are required to dial the help number that would be given over the customer support site.

Some of the common issues in HP Printer:

  • How to connect hp printer to your system?

  • How to reset your hp photosmart printer?

  • How to clear a paper jam on an hp inkjet printer?

  • How to install drivers for the hp laserjet 1020 on Mac OS X?

  • How to configure a print server on windows server 2007,2008 & 2012?

  • How to install a printer driver ubuntu?

If you have any issue with your HP printer like metioned in this article, then you can contact to hp printer technical support phone number, where support team is at your service and happy to serve you in anyway.

If you want to install HP Printer and want to connect it to the computer system, then do one thing and follow these steps for the same!

  • Users first required to click over “Start” and then over “Device and printers”.

  • Individuals may now get the printer page,from there they are required to select “Add a printer” option.

  • Individuals may now get the printer setup wizard asking that “how you want to install your printer”with USB cable or wireless network.

  • From the section of “Local printer”,individuals may install the printer with the help of LPT port or USB cable.

  • Individuals are required to choose USB cable and should select “USB001”.

  • Users are now required to click the button for “Next”.

  • From the next window,individuals could pick up the required drivers.

  • Printer would now successfully installed.

    Hopefully you have installed hp printer by these steps, if you have any issues while performing the same activity then contact to hp printer customer service number!

For configuring a print server with HP printer, users need to go through the following procedure that has been suggested:

Install the print server:

  • First users are required to visit hp official website in support section and should choose the country/language.

  • Users may now click the option for “Troubleshooting”.

  • Type the printer accessory name or model number in the “Find my product” search field.

  • Individuals may now click the button for “Go”.

  • Model is now required to be choosed.

  • Users should now click the option for “Manuals”.

  • Individuals are now required to choose the manual type or may even click the option for “View all”.

Install the HP printer driver:

  • First users need to visit and should choose the country/language.

  • It is now time to click the option for” Drivers & Downloads”.

  • Type the printer name or number into the “Find my product” search field and should click “Go”.

  • Individuals may now choose the model.

  • Individuals may now click the option for operating system.

  • Users are required to find the software under the Downloads section .

  • The button for “Download” now need to be clicked.

While installing the print server and printer driver in HP printer then user need to contact to hp printer customer support number, which is mentioned in hp printer’s official website in support and service section!

You have hp printer with you and you don’t know how to refill an hp ink cartridge, then guys follow these steps.

  • It is first required to buy the kit of ink for the printer.

  • Individual’s are now required to gather the kit of ink along with roll of paper towels and clear scotch tape.

  • Users are now required to take out the cartridge from the HP printer.

  • Individuals may now cover hand with some plastic gloves to prevent the dirtiness that would be created.

  • From there users should roll the paper towel twice and should place the cartridge of HP printer on it.

  • It is time to go through the instruction that would be given over the ink kit.

  • One may indicate the fill holes that is at the top of cartridge.

  • Avail pencil for creating the hole or take off the top label with the screwdriver.

  • Users should now take the long needle to fill the ink in the appropriate hole and to assure that it has gone at the bottom of the cartridge.

  • It is now required to wait a little bit to check that whether the ink is coming out of the hole.

  • Users should now Cover the hole with the tape.

  • It is now to put the cartridge again in the printer and print something to check that the printing device is working properly or not.

Happy, now you can print your documents with desired color, because you have refill your ink cartridge, if you don’t know how to perform this functions then contact to HP printer tech support number for help which is toll free service!

Are you guys fed up of the errors in spooler and want to fix it, but you don’t have any idea how to fix a print spooler, for that case follow these steps.

  • First users need to open the “Run” command through choosing it under the “Start” menu.

  • Individuals may even click “Windows Key (left of alt) + R”.

  • Users are now required to enter “services.msc” and should click “Enter” button.

  • Individuals are need to scroll down and do a double left click on “Print Spooler”.

  • Individuals should now required to choose the “Log On” tab.

  • It is now time to uncheck the box for “Allow service to interact with desktop”.

  • Users should now click the “Apply” button.

  • Now users may select the “General Tab” for the “Print Spooler” and choose the “Start” button.

Done with your activity, hopefully you find it easy task, as it is an easy task to fix spooler. But there may be some people who are new user of printers and don’t understand how to perform these tasks for those users be calm and contact to hp printer help desk department and ask for their help and service for respective issue!

If you bought hp printer and want to setup and configure it to your computer system or laptop then follow these steps, which will help you to setup your laptop to hp printer.

  • First users are required to connect laptop to the printer.

  • In case of wireless printer,users are required to turn it on and should choose one of the connections method available.

  • Individuals are required to download the latest version of the driver software for the printer and need to install the same over their PC.

  • It is now time to open “Settings” through a click over it’s icon that would be on the left pane of the “Start” menu.

  • From the home screen of the “Settings”, users are required to choose “Devices” icon.

  • It is now need to select the button for “Printers and scanners”.

  • During the rebooting process, users will see the printer name under the section of “Printer and scanner”.

  • At the time when printer name would appear, users may click option for “Set as a default” to set printer as a default device.

  • Individuals should click the option for “Add a printer or scanner”.

  • The windows software would search for the connected printer and if windows would done so then users are required to click on it.

  • In case nothing would happen, users need to click option for “The printer that I want is not listed” to open the wizard for the printer.

  • With the help of wizard, users need to choose the required option and should go with the online instructions.

Done! Now you can print documents from printer by providing commends from your computer, if there is any troubleshooting issues then contact to HP printer technical support phone number at any time!

Why to Choose HP Printer Tech Support and Customer Service for Help?

It is required to choose the option for hp printer tech support because they are the only and first hope when the individual needs immediate help. To be in contact of the technical team, users are required to dial the hp printer help number that would be easy to find over the Hp printer customer service site. Technician would help the individuals throughout the problem until it would not get solve completely. Generally the remote access technique used for solving the specific problem.

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