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Apple has an email that works on Mail app by name iCloud, it can be accessed by MAC or Windows web browser. It provides email services like others, where you can share, send, receive contacts, music, documents, pictures, and any attachments. There are so many amazing features that iCloud has. iCloud offers standard push email, contacts, calendar, and tasks serviced based on IMAP, CalDAV, and CardDAV. These services can simultaneously sync wherever iCloud service is usable like Mac, iPhone, iPad, Windows, etc. Users can use iCloud email service like any other modern email service. Having so much secured email service, there may be chances when hackers want to access it.

Some of the common issues which may encounter in iCloud

  • Retrieval of the emails.

  • Backup of the emails & restore it.

  • Syncing and configuring issues in iCloud.

  • Issues in syncing in android, iPhone, iPad & other devices.

  • Password recovery, reset, change, forget and hack problems.

  • Email drafts are not working.

  • I can't send and receive emails.

  • I can't attach documents in emails.

  • Spam, junk, or phishing emails do not work.

If you are the victim of these issues then be calm and try to contact at iCloud support phone number and apple expert technicians are there to help you!

Many new user of apple found it very tough task to create an email ID in iCloud, they are so puzzled how to use and create Apple email. For those users, this article will be helpful. Just read it and follow the process of creating an iCloud account.

In any iOS device:

  • Go to settings,

  • Then iCloud option.

  • Now you need to turn on the mail option.

In Mac, the steps involved the following:

  • You need to choose Apple menu and then System preferences.

  • In system preferences, you will find iCloud which is to be selected.

  • You need to select “Mail” in the last step.

All done!, great you have created an ID with apple email i.e. iCloud email ID. Now you can take advantage of apple’s features. If you have any issue while creating Email id then try to contact to apple icloud customer service phone number. This number will sort out all your muddle and fix it instantly!

It is adviced to all iCloud users to recover their password by these steps, because it is really simple method, by which they can recover their icloud email’s password. The steps involved here are as follows.

  • You need to open the settings app and select the iCloud option.

  • Now enter your email address and select the option “Forgot Apple Id or Password?”

  • Now you need to put the email id once again and tap on “Next”.

  • You now have two options: Answer you pre-set security questions or Retrieve your Apple ID via email.

  • If you select ‘Answer Security Questions', the system will ask you to enter your DOB and will ask you to answer the security questions.

On the other hand, if you select ‘Email Authentication' option, the system will send an email to your alternative email address with a link for "How To Reset Your Apple ID Password." You need to follow the link and the instructions to recover the password.

Just read the procedure and follow accordingly, if you can’t understand that thing then do contact to iCloud password recovery phone number at any time!

After recovering the password, the most searched query is how to reset my icloud password, I think guys these password reset process you help out you.

  • Answer a security question.

  • Get an email in your backup email address.

  • Use two-way factor authentication.

  • Use two-step verification process.

The first two process can be used as discussed above.

The two-way factor authentication can be accomplished by the following.

  • If you are signed into iCloud then tap on your name,

  • Then password & security,

  • And then change password.

To use two-step verification process, the following steps is to be followed.

  • At first enter your “Recovery key”.

  • The system will then send a verification code which is to be entered in the specified field.

  • Now a new password can be reset.

Voila!you are successfully changed or reset your icloud email’s password. Thank god you landed in this page for resetting your password, hopefully it has helped you. If not then dial icloud password reset phone number, and tell them about your issue they will surely help out you!

You can easily add signature in icloud email through the following steps.

  • Open the iCloud Mail and click on the “Action” pop-up menu viewable in the sidebar

  • Select “Preferences” option

  • Click on “Composing” option and then select “Add a signature”

  • Now you can type any signature text in the field given for signature and click on “Done”

Done adding signature in 4 steps only, great! Follow the same process and add whatever you want to add in your signature. If you can’t to do so then get in touch with icloud customer support phone number where icloud customer support team is for you to help and make you tension free!

If you are using Windows OS, then you can configure your iCloud mail with Outlook. If you are using iCloud in other devices, then it is necessary to configure it in your Window based device too to use it seamlessly across all devices.

The process involves the following steps.

  • Open Outlook on your computer and then click on File menu present in the extreme left on the screen.

  • Now click on “Add Account” option when the account setup wizard will open. Select the manual option.

  • Complete all the blank fields with the account information for iCloud, i.e. the iCloud address and password.

  • Choose POP or IMAP service in the “Choose service” option

  • Now you need to configure the POP and IMAP service. Use account type as “IMAP” and “” for the incoming mail server and “” for outgoing mail server.

  • On the login information use details of iCloud and put tick marks on “Remember password” and “Require logon using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)”.

  • Now click on more settings and select the general option. Put the email address of iCloud on the first field meant for referral name of the account.

  • In the Outgoing Server option put a tick on “My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication” and activate the option “Use same settings as my incoming mail server”.

  • In the Advanced option use “993” against IMAP, 587 against SMTP. At the same time, select “SSL” for IMAP and “Auto” for the encrypted connection.

  • Now close the windows by clicking on “OK” > “Next” > “Close”.

Hopefully you have done with this procedure, and now you can easily configure iCloud email with outlook. If you have difficulty while working on these steps then ring the phone of icloud by dialing iCloud tech support phone number!

If you want to configure SMTP, IMAP & POP server settings for icloud email, then follow these steps and set the settings for respective port.

Proper IMAP settings are required for the incoming mail server. Following setup changes are required for incoming mail server.

  • Server name:

  • SSL Required: Put a check mark

  • Port: 993

  • Username: Put the full iCloud email address up to extension name

  • Password: Choose the iCloud password

The SMTP settings are required for the outgoing email server. The process involved the following.

  • Server name:

  • SSL Required: Put a check mark.

  • Port: 587.

  • SMTP Authentication Required: Yes.

  • Username: Put your full iCloud email address with proper extension.

  • Password: Choose the iCloud password.

Normally, iOS 4 devices require POP3 setup. The process involves the following steps:

  • Follow the path: Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Other > Add Mail Account. Here complete all fields with iCloud account details and click “Next”.

  • Ensure that POP option is selected and then fill up all incoming and outgoing mail server information.

  • Select “Save”.

Prodigious! You can easily send and receive emails from other emails also. These smtp settings, pop3 settings and imap settings will lead you to proceed those emails. If you are in little trouble like how to set these settings, how to manage it then do one thing and contact to iCloud technical support team from their iCloud helpline phone number!

Why to Contact iCloud Customer Service & iCloud Tech Support Number for Help?

Now you have knowledge about how to resolve all the technical issues in iCloud, but there may be some issues, which may arise very first time for those problems just pick up your phone and contact to iCloud tech support phone number. Technicians are here to sort out all the troubleshooting issues in iCloud they use the latest technology by which they can tackle problems easily and resolve it in a fast way. Icloud help desk center is there for you to understand your agony and sort out all issues with iCloud, iPhone, iPad and other Apple products.

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