What is Mozilla Firefox Technical Support Phone Number?

Mozilla Firefox is an open-source and freely available web browser. Which was created in September 2002? Mozilla keeps updating itself year after year. Developers are there to update Mozilla Firefox's version by adding some features with it. This browser is available for Windows, Linux, MAC. So, what browser you prefer to use when you need to surf the internet? Well, if it is Mozilla Firefox then your choice is good as you might be using a number of wonderful attributes of this browser in that case, which includes spell checking, smart bookmarks, private browsing, tabbed browsing, live bookmarking and many more. Since this browser is mostly popular for its clean interface, it is also considered the fastest browsers in comparison to other available browsers. However, the users might be stuck into catch-22 situations the time when any issue crop up in your browser and you are not able to eliminate them with your limited technical knowledge.  

How to contact Mozilla Firefox technical support?

Mozilla Firefox users often face some issues in their browsers due to which they need to contact their technical support team for help. If you are also using Mozilla Firefox and facing problems while using your browser then you can get help from their technical experts. To get in touch with Mozilla Firefox customer support you can either contact them on their technical support phone number and there are also other ways that are further discussed below:

Mozilla Firefox technical support phone number

  • You have to dial a technical support number if you want to connect to the technical support team of Mozilla Firefox for help. They will assign a technical expert to you who will listen to your query and provide you a proper solution to fix the issue you are facing.
  •  Mozilla Firefox Support Phone Number is toll-free and available 24/7 to provide technical support to the customers.
  • The technical support number is considered as the best way to get help from the customer support team of Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox help desk

  • Mozilla Firefox help desk service is also available to get technical support regarding any issue you are facing in your web browser.

Mozilla Firefox real-time chat

  • You can get technical support by joining other users on real-time chat.

Mozilla Firefox web forum

  • You can also get technical support from Mozilla Firefox from their web forum.
  • There are various discussion boards on the web forums for the technical support of users.

The above mentioned are the ways to contact Mozilla Firefox technical support team and get help from them. I hope now you can easily get help if you face any issue while using Mozilla Firefox.

However, you must know the varied issues of this browser which are as follows:

  • Slowdown problems.

  • Crashing issues.

  • Installation related hitches.

  • Customization difficulties.

  • Freezing blockades

  • Other basic problems.

Besides these mentioned issues there may be other issues that confront while browsing in Mozilla Firefox some of the most searches queries are listing down, go through the steps and resolve the glitches. Otherwise, you also have the second option which is to contact Mozilla Firefox support phone number, this number will be available on the official website of Mozilla.

Users may experience some common issues in Mozilla Firefox, like while downloading & installing this browser but due to the minimum technical knowledge, they are not able to do so. Now they can easily perform an installation process with the help of the following instructions.

  • First, go to Mozilla Firefox download page.

  • Now click free download for downloading the installer for Firefox.

  • Assuming that you are using internet explorer, then you will have to run the installer or you need to save the download file to your PC.

  • Next click on the Run option for starting the whole procedure.

  • Now click on Install

You are done !! So, you can easily download and install your Mozilla browser this way. If having an issue then contact Mozilla Firefox customer service phone number!

However, there are some users who need to uninstall their Mozilla Firefox browser due to some technical problems. When they are not able to uninstall their browser, they get depressed and succumb to this situation. But they are not supposed to be disheartened as there is the best strategy through which they can get their browser uninstalled. These users can easily perform the uninstall process due to the following steps.

  • First, open Control Panel.

  • Now click on the option Uninstall a program.

  • Next, choose Mozilla Firefox and click Uninstall.

  • Now the uninstall pop up will ask you to delete the chosen program.

  • Click Next and then click on Uninstall.

  • Next click on Finish for closing the uninstall window.

  • Now you can remove other files as well as folders related to Firefox.

Hopefully, you have an un-installed Firefox browser from your system if failed to do so then dial the Mozilla Firefox customer support phone number for help which is toll free helpline!

Many issues come across when we use particular software, the same issue may happen with Mozilla Firefox, then we have to fix it. To repair a Mozilla Firefox you need to reinstall this browser and the steps are as follows.

  • First, go to the Mozilla site and download the Firefox’s new copy before uninstalling the available copy on your browser.

  • Now once the download completes, you need to close all the Windows.

  • Next hit Windows- R and run firefox.exe – p command for opening the option profile manager.

  • Now select the Firefox profile and click on the option Delete Profile and then on Delete Files.

  • After that open the option programs and features and choose the latest version of Firefox and hit on Uninstall.

  • Now click on Next and then also click on the Uninstall option for removing the Firefox.

  • Next, go to the folder where you have installed your Firefox installer and then run the Reinstall Firefox button.

This way you get rid of Mozilla Firefox glitches which you were facing earlier. If you can’t follow the steps there may be some other technical issues then contact  
Mozilla Firefox tech support phone number 24/7!

For easier functionality, we use extensions to make browsing more convenient. Adding any extension on Mozilla Firefox is really easy for the users with the help of the following directives.

  • First, you need to click on the Menu button.

  • Now you need to select Add-Ons and you will see an Add-on manager tab in front of you.

  • Next, choose the Get Add-Ons from the Add-Ons tab.

  • After that click on the More Information option for a particular add on.

  • Now click on Add to Firefox green button for installing it.

  • Next, your requested extension will be downloaded and needs confirmation before being installed.

  • Now click on the option Restart Now Restart Firefox.

This way you can add extensions in Mozilla Firefox. Hopefully, you have done the same task, if you trapped with any troubleshooting problems then contact to Mozilla Firefox helpline number which a toll-free help service for Mozilla Firefox users, you can get the number from official website!

How to reset Mozilla Firefox?

It is a web browser like any other browser but is smaller and faster and also gives a cleaner interface to the users and faster download speed when compared to others. You can call that it is much secure. If your Mozilla Firefox is not refreshing or creating a problem, then you can refresh it or reset Mozilla Firefox.

Resetting of Mozilla Firefox:

If you are hunting for the way of resetting Mozilla Firefox, then you can do it in just quick steps.

The first step is to visit the troubleshooting page of Mozilla Firefox. For this, you have to open a new Firefox tab and write “About support” in the address bar. You should reach a page named troubleshooting information.

Then, you have to click the “Refresh Firefox” button. This will be situated in the upper-right corner of the page.

Click on Refresh Firefox in the pop-up window and then finish in the second popup window. Doing so will quit and reopen Firefox. Doing so will do the following:


  • All your themes added search engines and extensions will be deleted.
  • The settings will be restored to their original state. This will include plug preference and button placement.
  • The downloaded history will be cleared. You should make sure where you can find the downloaded files. 
  • We would also recommend you to clear the folder on your desktop named “Old Firefox Data”.


However, if the problem is not resolved, the users can call on the Mozilla Firefox phone number which is a toll-free number. We assure you that they will be active 24/7 and will provide you with full information related to your problem. You will be served in a good manner.

Mozilla Firefox not Responding on Windows 10, How Do I Fix It?

Do you use Mozilla Firefox to search for something or downloading on your Windows 10 computer? But suddenly it has stopped responding and showing the unexpected error? Then there could be numerous reasons behind this problem and each problem is needed to know in order to fix the not responding issue of Mozilla Firefox on your computer. There are lots of simple ways to fix Mozilla Thunderbird not responding issue and one can simply apply them. If you don’t know how to fix this issue, then follow the mentioned troubleshooting steps.

Steps to fix Firefox not responding on Windows 10 issue:

Method 1# Take a restart

Restarting a device often fixes numerous issues and if you are getting any error when using Firefox on your Windows 10 computer, then you can easily fix this issue just by restarting your computer and browser at the same time.

Method 2# Disable hardware acceleration from Mozilla Firefox

By disabling the hardware acceleration from your Firefox browser, you can also fix this issue very easily. For this, follow the below steps:

  • Open Firefox and then click on the menu icon which is available at the top-right side of the screen.
  • Click on Options.
  • Click on the General icon on the left pane side.
  • Now look for the Performance section and then check the required box.

After following the above-mentioned steps, Mozilla Firefox not working on Windows 10 problem can be fixed in a very simple and reliable manner. If you have still any kind of difficulty or error, then contact the technical support team for better support.

Why Contact to Mozilla Firefox Tech Support & Customer Service Professional?

Well, why should you call a Firefox technician? Well, because you need to get speedy Mozilla firefox customer support services during these problems and you can get best in class services just by contacting the experienced technical engineers. These customer support officials have extensive knowledge of handling the issues associated with your Mozilla browser. Only you need to get knowledge of the issues which are confronted by you. Once you acquire the real knowledge of your issues, then you will be able to avail of top-rated support from your side.

The Mozilla browsers users who are depressed due to their issues might rely on these services as these solutions are given by the world-class engineers who have rich knowledge in combating these issues. Since these professionals have worked in this industry for several years, so they have acquired the knack of fixing these issues and can easily help the users in fixing their problems.

You will get a guaranteed solution for the issues related to Mozilla browser issues. When they are set out to solve their problems, they can proffer you chat assistance or email assistance according to your preferences. Hence if you are not able to decipher your Mozilla issues themselves, then call Mozilla Firefox technical support phone number right away! 

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