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MSN email is a free web-based e-mail service offered by Microsoft. It offers 5 GB of storage, a calendar function, and the ability to see all your email accounts - Hotmail and others - in one place. MSN messenger which is named now Skype & msn has web search engine which is now named as Bing!. There are so many features which you will know when you use msn it provide you news, games, mailing service and many more. If you face any issue then try to contact to msn support phone number, the number is mentioned in official website of Microsoft or MSN!

If you want to use the features of msn then you need to create an MSN account then only you can access the msn account and its amazing features.

  • Open your web browser and navigate to msn.com.

  • Click “Join” button in the lower left side of the page to create a new MSN e-mail account.

  • Create your e-mail address that is on the Create your Windows Live ID.

  • Complete the form and then click the “I agree.

  • You will be redirected to your Windows Live page. Here you will be able to configure your settings, including setting up your network with friends on Windows Live, manage your photos and create your profile.

  • Manage your msn account with as much attention as any other mail account.

Congratulations! You have created your MSN account, I think you have done this activity, as it is easy thing to do, having trouble? Worry not contact to msn customer service phone number, technicians from the help center will resolve all your queries related to MSN!

Having trouble in resetting the msn password, just follow these steps, and get to know how to reset msn password.

  • Go to MSN mail sign-in page and click on “Forgot password?”

  • Enter your full email address in the first empty field.

  • Enter the captcha image in the second empty box and then click “Continue”.

  • Choose the way to reset the password. You can choose to get a password reset link in email address or you can answer secret questions to reset the password.

Done with msn password reset process, if you have any query related to msn password. Then contact to msn password reset phone number and resolve all your glitches from your MSN accont!

Many time user forgot their password, they need to recover their passwordby following the steps which are mentioned below.

  • Open msn login page and go to account setup page.

  • Click on your name. You will see the list of services with the same name and email address.

  • You will find your name at the top right corner of the screen. Click on your name for making changes to account settings.

  • Now you can go to link password reset page.

  • Then you need to click on “Reset your password".

  • Enter your MSN email address to reset your account password.

  • Enter the captcha image.

  • Enter the new password in the box provided.

If you have any trouble in recovering your msn password then contact to msn password recovery phone number then recover and reset your password accordingly. 

Adding up signature is now trends to let know people about their position and other specification, how to add signature in MSN email, just go through from these steps.

  • Open MSN account and go to “Setting gear” of your email account.

  • Click on “General setting” tab & look for signature option

  • Type the desired signature into signature field.

  • Press save button & your signature will be added.

Guys gear up and follow the steps which are mentioned above, if you found any trouble then dial msn customer care phone number!

If you need to configure msn with outlook, then follow the steps which are mentioned below, however they open up in Microsoft only but you have to follow this procedure for the same.

  • Open the Start menu and then click on the Outlook for opening msn

  • Go to the “Tools” menu at the top of the screen and select “Accounts”. A window will appear with a list of your email accounts.

  • Click the “Add” button in the upper right corner of the window and select the “Mail”.

  • Enter your full name and then click on “Next” button.

  • Select “HTTP” as the incoming mail server and “MSN” as the email service provider.

  • Click “Next”.

  • Enter your MSN e-mail password. You can save the password for later use without entering it each time you access your account.

  • Click on “Finish” button to complete the setup and start using your MSN e-mail account with Outlook.

  • How to configure MSN account on iPhone &iPad?

  • From the home screen of your iPhone, tap on “Settings” icon.

  • Now you can tap on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” & then “Add Account”.

  • Tap on “Other” button located at the bottom of the menu. Then tap on the “Add Mail Account”.

  • Enter your name in the “Name” field and Mail ID & password in the respective field.

  • When you are finished adding this information, click on “Next” in the upper right corner. Enter all requested information, including the server's address in this screen to complete the setup process.

  • Go to the Home screen and tap “Post” icon to read your email.

Done with configuring settings, it was easy task right?, may be you are new user in msn in that case you have contact msn customer support number for help, where tech support is available via phone!

When you want to know the imap, pop and smtp server setting for msn then you have to follow these steps and perform the same.

MSN IMAP Settings

  • Log in to your msn mail account and click on the settings.

  • Look for msn account server configuration and select IMAP as account type.

  • Enter “imap-mail.msn.com” in the server address.

  • Use 993 as server port.

  • Then enter your full msn email address in the user name field.

  • Enter your msn account password under the password field.

  • Select SSL as the connection type for the incoming IMAP server.

MSN POP Settings

  • Log in to your msn account and go to settings.

  • Look for msn account server configuration and select POP as account type.

  • Enter pop.live.com under the incoming mail server.

  • Enter 995 under the server port.

  • Then enter your full msn email address in the user name field.

  • Enter your msn account password under the password field.

  • Select SSL or TLS as the connection type for the POP server of your MSN account.

MSN SMTP Settings​

  • Log in to your msn account and go to settings.

  • Look for msn account server configuration and select SMTP as account type.

  • Enter smtp.live.com under the outgoing mail server.

  • Enter 587 under the server port.

  • Enter your msn email address or MSN account name in the user name field.

  • Enter the msn account password under the password field.

  • Select TLS as the connection type for the SMTP server of your MSN account.

  • Yes to the mark the check box with “Outgoing Server Authentication”

If you have kind of trouble while configuring the settings then contact to MSN tech support phone number for immediate assistance!

Why to Choose Msn Customer Service & Msn Tech Support Number for Help?

There may be chance when you can’t tackle the issues or troubleshooting glitches by your own, in that case you can dial up the msn helpline number which is available from msn help desk department, here most of the experienced people or geeks works round the clock or round the year just to sort the issues whatever you face while usng the msn mail service. As they have enough knowledge to tackle your hiccups immediately. So whenever you to take help from the support center you can take it that may be include for any products like msn butterfly, msn explorer, msn messenger etc. Be online and get help from msn tech support department!

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