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Outlook is no doubt one of the best emailing platforms which has extreme attributes embedded into them. This is the reason why Outlook is highly demanded by nearly all the users around the world. Some of the characteristics which attract the users to register to this account are its user friendly interface, its easy integration facility with other applications, its syncing with active directory and so on. Microsoft keep updated outlook, so that it remains the top most professional email service around the features. Outllok gone through its life span from Outlook for MS-DOS, Outlook for Windows 3.1, Outlook for Macintosh, Outlook 97, Outlook 98, Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002, Office Outlook 2003, Office Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2011, Outlook 2013, Outlook for Mac 15.3, Outlook for Phones & Tablets, Includes IOS (Apple O/S) and Android (Google O/S) Support and Outlook 2016 and upcoming ones. Beside upgrading, it has so many features, which are.

  • Outlook has improved anti-phishing filters.

  • In outlook you can add a picture/ company logo in signature section also.

  • It has increased people pane feature & social networking features.

  • Attachment reminder & link to cloud resouce.

  • Now in changed calendar views you can view tasks due below in each day on the week view.

  • It specify an IMAP folder for deleted emails or other items.

  • It has added email address internationalization feature.

  • It has add-in resiliency in outlook email.

  • Now you can use and work on improved cached exchange mode and many more.

However with lots of features, troubles also come along with them. The users can be easily muddled up due to the intricate issues while utilizing their Outlook mail. If there are any such issues then buzz the outlook support phone number, the number is available on the official website of outlook!

Creating Outlook account is an easy task, you have to follow following steps for creating or making new account with Microsoft outlook email.

  • First open official website of Outlook email.

  • Now click on create account link in right hand side corner.

  • Now fill up all the data your first name & last name.

  • Next create your username which will be unique.

  • Then create a password and re-enter the password.

  • Now select country , the country will be automatically selected.

  • Now select your birthdate & gender.

  • Then you can give outlook your contact information i.e. phone number with country code.

  • Next put your alternate email address which will be recovery address for your email ID.

  • Now enter the captcha characters which you sees infront of you on device.

  • Then clcik on create account tab.

  • You have successfully created new account with Outlook.

Done with creation process, now you can access each and every features which envolves in Outlook. If having any issue then dial the outlook customer service phone number, and resolve all your issue with this email!

One of the commonest of all the issues is pertaining to password. When you are struggling with any password issue, then you need to get fastest solutions against them. If you are the one who has recently forgot your password and are unable to sign into your Outlook account, then the following Outlook password recovery steps can be immensely beneficial for you.

  • Visit Outlook page.

  • Now click on the option named Can’t access your account link.

  • Next Select the option I forgot my Password.

  • Now click on Next.

  • Next type your outlook ID.

  • Now enter the Captcha characters.

  • After that click Next.

  • Now select to receive a reset link in your alternate email ID.

  • After that click on the reset link for recovering your password.

Now you can use your outook account. You are still in middle of confusion, worry not contact to Outlook password recovery phone number, where technicians will do the same activity on behalf of you!

Just as many users are struggling with Outlook password recovery hiccups, there are other users who are showing incapability in resetting their password. Although many users are able to reset their password in the best way, yet the ones who are not able to accomplish this job can take help from the Outlook password reset steps as discussed below.

  • First open your browser and sign into your Outlook account

  • Once you have opened your account then you have to click on File tab

  • Now proceed to click on Account Settings option

  • Next choose your email account and then press on Change button

  • Next type the new password

  • Now mark a check in the field named Remember Password

  • Finally you are supposed to click on the option Finish for finishing the whole process

Voila !! you have changed your Outlook password in an easy way through the above steps. Now you can easily use your account without any fear of any intruders. Guys don’t be shy to ask query about outlook password reset related problems, just call to outlook password reset phone number at any time!

Just like the reset and recovery of the Outlook password, the users are also not aware of the Outlook SMTP settings which they can also learn from the following instructions.

  • Server Address:smtp-mail.outlook.com

  • SMTP user name: Your complete Outlook email id.

  • Outlook SMTP password: Your Outlook account password.

  • Port: 587.

  • TLS/SSL; Yes.

These are the outlook smtp settings, which you have to put in the outlook settings options, for making outlook run glitches free, otherwise outlook technical support team is there for you!

Users of Outlook are also entangled with Outlook technical issues with other emails and search for the best support to ward off these troubles. For example the ones who have Gmail configuration issues in Outlook, then they can follow the below mentioned guidelines.

  • First sign into Gmail account and then open the option named Settings.

  • Now click on the tab named Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

  • Next switch IMAP to the Enable mode.

  • Click on the option Save Changes

  • Now it is high time to open Outlook and then click on the option Tools.

  • Next you need to click on New under the head Account Settings.

  • After that put a mark on Manually configure server settings and then click Next.

  • Now select internet email and then hit Next.

  • After that enter your name, email id as well as password in the particular field.

  • Now choose POP 3 server and fill in the following details.

  1. Account Type:POP

  2. Incoming Mail Server:pop.gmail.com

  3. Outgoing Mail Server:smtp.gmail.com

  • After that click on the option More Settings.

  • Now choose My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication option.

  • Next choose the option Use same settings as my incoming server.

  • Now click on the option named Advanced and fill the below stated details.

  1. incoming server (pop3):995
  2. outgoing server (SMTP) : 587
  • Next select Encryption type for TLS.

  • Now click OK.

  • Finally you can proceed to test account settings.

  • Click Next.

So, you have effortlessly fixed the Gmail configuration issues in Outlook. If you trapped with any kind of issue then contact to Outlook customer support number for immediate help and assistance!

Outlook users dilemma is not over as they can also experience some issues while using Outlook with iPhones and other android devices. Some iPhone users have troubles in syncing their Outlook calendar with iphone.

These users can easily sync their calendars in iPhone through the following issues.

  • Make sure to Enable iTunes plug in in Outlook Email.

  • Next make a connection with your iTunes device with Outlook.

  • Now open your info tab in iTunes application.

  • Next select Outlook under the head Sync Contacts With & Sync Calendars With.

  • Finally you have to click on the button named Sync and then you will be able to sync your calendars in this way.

Hopefully you have sync the outlook in iphones, if not then contact to Outlook help desk number for help!

Suppose you are using your Outlook account in an Android phone, then you might be stuck into certain issues off and on.

Some users are not able to sign in Outlook app in their phone which they can fix through the following guidelines.

  • If you are not able to sign in the account which you have added before, then first remove the account and add it again

  • for removing your account, you need to first go to the option Settings and you need to choose the account which you wish to delete

  • Now choose Remove Account

  • Next Choose from device option or From Device & Remote Data option

  • Now you can add your account again

In this way, you can easily be able to ward off your technical hiccups which has landed you into trouble. However if you are not able to fix your Outlook issues in iPhones and android devices through the above stated guidelines, then all you can do is to call Outlook tech support number instantly to fix your issues!

How to contact to Outlook Customer Service & Outlook Tech Support Team for Help?

Guys as some of the common issues are describe above in Outlook, but there may be other glitches which you may face in outlook while using it. Although we are making it more information provider hub by discussing other troubleshooting issues in blog section. There may be some new issues which you face in Outlook email for that critical time just remember outlook tech support department for smartest & elegant support. Hopefully you have found something interesting and good here.

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