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It is the one of the best major free webmail service. This service has been mainly be developed and launched by the Four11 Corporation. This service has been started by the corporations in the year 1996. Rocketmail was acquired by the Yahoo mail in the year 1997. Hence the Yahoo mail was essentially the old rocketmail web mail service system. One can use the yahoo mail as the rocket mail services as other mail service, which means that one can use the other domain name as per required in your choice. Email is the means of business communication aprat from personal one. It is considered an effective way to communicate with higher level, peers or executive ones. So as by Rocketmail you can send important mails, updates, notifications and information to other people/ party.

You will get efficient support and service from Rocketmail help team:

  • Issues while accessing mails.

  • Forget the password of email ID.

  • Someone has blocked you.

  • Rocketmail email settings.

  • Rocketmail chat and calender related issues.

  • Account disabled/ remove action.

  • Contacts managements troubleshooting issues.

Although we are covering up the most common issue with solution below, if still anything troubles you, then don't hesitate and contact to Rocketmail support phone number!

I want to create Rocketmail account, but don’t have idea how to create that one. If you are thinking this query then just follow mentioned steps and create rocketmail account.

  • Open your computer system or any of your computing device.

  • Then launch your installed free web browser in your system.

  • Now in the browser enter the and then press enter.

  • There visit the yahoo mail web page.

  • There under the ‘resources’ tab, then go to the next option.

  • Then click on the ‘create account’ option, which is present in the top right corner of the page.

  • After that enter your personal details in the required field, provide the user anme for your new personal account.

  • Click on the rocketmail option present on the drop down option of the page.

  • Now check the availability of your username.

  • Then finally agree there terms and condition of the account.

  • Finally click on the ‘submit’ button.

Result of this procedure, you have an account of Rocketmail by which you can send or receive all emails, documents, attachments and anything which can be transferable to other through means of emails. If there is any problem while sending/ receiving the mails then contact to rocketmail customer service phone number for instant and the fastest support from rocketmail team!

We usually forget password as there are many other things which we have to keep in mind, or we often open mail account due to which we forget the password. Don’t worry if you forget your password and you have something important in your rocketmail account, in crucial time just follow these steps.

  • Firstly open any of the web browser in your system.

  • Now in the web browser address bar enter the official rocketmail help page address and make it search.

  • The address is and then press enter.

  • There choose one option, ‘i have a problem with my password’.

  • Now you can click on the next option.

  • Now there will be a window open in front of you.

  • On the username, entered the rocketmail address or it's username in the required field.

  • Yes now you click on the next button.

  • Then a verification process has to be followed by you.

  • A verification code will be sent to you on your registered mobile number.

  • From there verify your send code on your mobile device. And access your email account.

  • After verification one will be able to verify his or her rocketmail password.

After verification procedure you can easily recover your rocketmail password. If there is some kind of delay in this process then repeat it or check your mails. Otherwise you can contact to rocketmail password recovery phone number, executives know all the solutions for your queries!

I forget my Rocketmail password and I want to change it, but don’t have sense how to make it happen, if you have this kind of query then you are at right place, because we are discussing the Rocketmail password reset process.

  • Launch your web mail service in your device.

  • In the search bar enter the yahoo mail site or you can even enter the ‘’ and then press enter.

  • Click there for ‘i can’t access my account’ present under the login option.

  • Now enter your full rocketmail email address in space provided.

  • Then enter the code provided in the box, then click on the next option.

  • Now you have to give answer the security question.

  • After that reset your new password of your choice in the required field.

  • Then finally click on the ‘finish’ option.

I guess you have learned how to reset Rocketmail password, if have any query related password change and reset then contact to Rocketmail password reset phone number, a round the clock service center for valued customers.

Wanna know how to add up signature in Rocketmail just follow this procedure for the same and apply it by your own.

  • Go to the on the search bar and then press enter.

  • Then click on the ‘settings’ option.

  • Then click on the ‘accounts’present on the left corner.

  • Select your required email address.

  • Now the check on the box as ‘append a signature to the emails you send’.

  • There you can enter your signature, which you want to add on your email.

  • Then after attaching your signature.

  • Just click on the save button.

Adding signature is now a trend to know people about our designation and achievements as we mainly add up our stuff in the signature section. By above steps you may know about that thing, but if you are naive to Rocketmail and don’t have about idea how to add signature, then guys just call up to the Rocketmail customer support team through their helpline number, you can see this number from official website!

Know more about the settings of Rocketmail with microsoft outlook, just follow these steps.

  • First of all launch your outlook application.

  • There click on the ‘file’ menu and after move to the next step.

  • Now in the file menu, search for the ‘Add account’ which will appear on the ‘Account information screen’.

  • Then click on the ‘manual set up or additional server types’ option. From there you will be redirected to the advanced settings options.

  • There select the ‘POP or IMAP’ option.

  • Now enter your rocketmail email address and then password of the same account, in the required field.

  • After that select the ‘POP3’ to setup the POP account.

  • Now in the incoming server mail, enter ‘’ nad move to the next option.

  • Now for setting up the IMAP account, choose the IMAP option.

  • And in the incoming sever mail enter, ‘’ in the required box then press enter.

  • After that move to the ‘more settings’ option.

  • In the internet email settings, choose the ‘outgoing server’ tab.

  • Then again click on the ‘advanced’ tab.

  • In the POP account, enter the 9995 code as the incoming server port. And in case of the IMAP enter 993 as the incoming server port.

  • Now click on the check box, to make sure that incoming server uses an encrypted SSL connection.

  • After that choose the delivery option, from there.

  • Finally click on the next option.

This way you can configure or setup rocketmail to Microsoft outlook, but there may be chance when you puzzled with the settings and don’t have any idea. In that hard time you can contact to Rocketmail tech support number, which is available from Rocketmail help desk center!

Get to know about IMAP, POP & SMTP server settings for rocketmail by which you can configure with other emails. It make your way convenient in sending and receiving the mails.

  • For incoming mail server, account type should be IMAP.

  • And the username will be as your rocketmail email address.

  • Server host name should be as,

  • Server port is 993.

  • For the authentication you need to enter the password to secure your account.

  • Check the box in the SSL/TLS port.

  • Now for the outgoing mail server, enter your rocketmail email address.

  • Now again in the server hotname as,

  • Server port will be as 465.

  • And then again in the authentication provide the password to secure it.

  • Now in the SSL/TLS enter the yes option.

If there is anything which is troubling you then you can take help and guidance from qualified & experienced technical executives, who will resolve all your queries and you can live with peace mind, for that you have to buzz their Rocketmail customer support phone number!

Why to Contact Rocketmail Tech Support & Customer Service Team for Instant Help?

If rocketmail users often face any issue with their account like configuration, setup issue, sending, receiving, forget password, change password, recovery/ reset issues, they don’t have to worry about their troubleshooting glitches as rocketmail tech support department is there for you to resolve all the queries from the customer care center via rocketmail tech support toll free helpline number

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