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Ymail is an alternative domain address for Yahoo mail. Here the letter “Y” stands for Yahoo. People who open Ymail accounts can access their email service from Yahoo webpage too. People are already aware of diverse features of Yahoo mail. In Ymail, they also enjoy the same features. So, an email account by typing the email ID like xyz@yahoo.com. The yahoo mail service started operating in 1997. Still now, it is one of the most popular email services all over the world. Beside this there may be chances when you have to undergoes some critical situations that time just call to Ymail tech support phone number, search for this number from Yahoo!

Opening an email account with Ymail is easy. It involves a few vital steps which are to be followed one after another as stated here.

  • After connecting the computer to the internet, you need to access www.yahoo.com. This will make visible the homepage of Yahoo.

  • Here you will find the “sign in” near the top right margin. Just click on that option. The web page for sign in will be opened.

  • On this page, you will find “New to Yahoo? Sign up for a new account” option. Click this option.

  • This will open up a sign-up page that will enable you to type your personal information. Use a suitable username and a strong password as per the direction there.

  • Provide a working mobile number for your security purpose.

  • At the end, click on the “Create account” option. Yahoo will ask you to type a captcha code to prove that you are not a robot. At last your new Ymail account will be created and can be used instantly.

Having issue while creating and making new account in Ymail, be cool and contact to Ymail customer service phone number at any time.

The password recovery process involves a few important steps. You have to keep in mind that the system will at first verify your identity in one of the following ways.

  • They will send a verification code to your mobile number.

  • They will send you a verification code to your alternate email address.

  • They will ask you to answer any question related to your account.

This is for the purpose of your security. So, it is always feasible to register a mobile number and an alternative email address with your Ymail account.

Now the steps involved in the Ymail password recovery process are as follows:

  • Login to Yahoo mail website: mail.yahoo.com

  • Here you will see “Forgot Password” option. Click that option.

  • The system will ask how do you want to recover the password. If you have a registered email address or mobile number. Choose that option. The system will send you a verification code to that number or email address.

  • After typing the verification code in the proper field, you need to type “Verify” option.

  • Now the system will direct you to change and reset the password.

  • At the end, you have to click the “Continue” option.

Voila! If you have trouble in Ymail password like recovery of password, how to recover my Ymail password then contact to Ymail password recovery phone number!

Adding signature in Ymail is consider one of the best feature because everyone want to add it one their email ID, so adding up signature can be possible in the following way.

  • Sign in to your Ymail account and access the Mail option.

  • Select the signature option available there.

  • On the right top corner, you will get a dropdown list:

  • Don’t use a signature: You have to turn it off

  • Show a plain text signature: Turn it on to add a plain text signature.

  • Show a rich text signature: Turn it on of you want to add image and format your signature.

  • An empty text box will be opened where you need to put your text or signature.

  • There is no specific “Save” option in this page. You have to move away by simply navigating to some other option.

If find any problem, while following these steps then contact to Ymail customer service phone number via Ymail help desk center.

This is a two-way process where you need to undertake some configurational changes in both Ymail and Outlook.

  • At first access your Ymail account, enter into account security option and then turn on “Allow apps that use less secure Sign-in”.

Now follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open Outlook and follow the path File > Add Account > Manual setup or additional server types > POP or IMAP > Next.

Now type the following information in the relevant fields.

  • Email address: Yahoo email address.

  • Account type: IMAP

  • Incoming mail server: imap.mail.yahoo.com

  • Outgoing mail server: smtp.mail.yahoo.com

  • Username: Ymail username.

  • Password: Ymail password.

  • In the outgoing server option check the SMTP option and turn on the option “Use same settings as mu incoming mail server”.

In the advanced option do the following changes.

  • IMAP: 993

  • Encrypted connection: SSL

  • SMTP: 587

  • Encrypted connection: TLS or Auto.

This change will enable you to access Ymail in Outlook. And now you can configure Outlook. If there are any issue while following the steps then contact to Ymail helpline phone number.


Following configuration changes are required for IMAP or POP and SMTP settings in Ymail.

In the incoming mail server, the following information is to be typed:

  • Server: imap.mail.yahoo.com

  • Port: 993

  • SSL: Required

In the Outgoing mail or SMTP server, the following information is to be typed:

  • Server: smtp.mail.yahoo.com

  • Port: 465 or 587

  • SSL: Required

  • Authentication: Required

In this page, the system will ask you to provide login information also. Put the full Ymail address ID and password credentials. If you stuck with any sort of issue, no worries Ymail customer support number is at your service, this contact number you will get from Ymail help desk department.


Why to Contact Ymail Customer Service & Tech Support Team for Help?

Ymail technical geeks are the best engineers who will extend their services to the needy users & customers within a short time. They are very experienced and very friendly people who leave no stone unturned to resolve all your Ymail related glitches. If you are the one who is frustrated for configuration issues, receiving undesired emails, spam mails, setup issues & other troubleshooting issues than you can call down to Ymail tech support number straightforwardly. ymail Customer care department is for your help just ping them from Ymail technical support support phone number, which is available from Yahoo website only.

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