Does Yahoo charge if I want to Talk to Yahoo?

Many yahoo users want to talk to yahoo, but they don’t know whether they need to pay for it or not, so they face the frequent question that Do you have to pay to talk to Yahoo? So if the yahoo user wants to speak to yahoo customer care, then yahoo provides the phone number to facilitate the user if they are facing any issue. And yahoo users need not pay any charge other than calling charges. Yahoo users can talk to yahoo customer care service free of cost and ask for the issue they are facing related to any service they are facing. An appropriate level of yahoo customer care executive will facilitate the yahoo user with the problem.

Can I recover my yahoo account if I don’t have a phone number?

Yahoo provides various modes if yahoo users forget their password. It is seen that many yahoo users face the problem of recovering the yahoo account if they don’t have the phone number and usually ask, How can I unlock my yahoo account without a phone number?. So yahoo being the user-friendly web services provider, understands this need of the users and provides the option to recover the yahoo account even if they don’t have the phone number.

Steps to recover the yahoo account without the phone number

  1. go to the official website of yahoo with the help of any reliable web browser.
  2. Tap on the sign-in option on the right-hand side of the web page.
  3. Now the yahoo user needs to enter the username and click on the forget password.
  4. Then the yahoo web page will ask the user to select the mode to get the verification code.
  5. Now the user needs to tap on the mode other than that phone number that is your email id.
  6. Enter the verification code on the space provided.
  7. And tap on the continue option, and the new password set and confirmation ox will appear.
  8. Enter the password and confirm, and then the user can log in to the yahoo account using new credentials.

How can I talk to yahoo customer care?

Often, the yahoo users want to know whether they can talk to yahoo customer care if they are facing any issue in the services provided by yahoo related to the account recovery or any other. For this, the yahoo users want to talk to yahoo customer care, but they face the problem of how to reach YahooSo if you are facing such an issue and want to talk to yahoo customer care, then mention below are the steps that will help the user connect with yahoo customer care.

Steps to communicate to yahoo

  1. Open the official website of yahoo using any reliable web browser.
  2. Move to the help and support section available on the yahoo webpage.
  3. Now you need to tap on the contact us option and see the yahoo phone number.
  4. Take the number and dial the number.
  5. Now, talk to the appropriate level of customer care executive, follow the IVR steps related to your issues and speak to the yahoo customer care.
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