How do I recover my Google account with https g CO recovery?

If you have been struggling to access your Google account for a long, you reached the right place. We will update you here in this regard and provide you several options to recover your Google account. You can recover your Google account in any case whether; you forgot the password or username etc. You can recover it by going to the link HTTPS g co recovery. In case you are worried about how do I recover my Google account with HTTPS g Co Recovery? You can go to this link and follow the steps below.

Google account recovery when you forgot the password

  1. At first, go to the Google account recovery page and forget the password.
  2. Now on the Gmail login page, enter the email or phone number.
  3. Click on the tab Next to jump to the password page.
  4. Hit the link forgot password.
  5. Enter the last password you remembered
  6. Answer the question given on-screen, or you can also fill in the required details on screen.
  7. Once you complete the verification process, you can now create a new password and use the same password to log in again.

 Google account recovery when you forgot the username

  1. In case you don’t remember the username, go to the link HTTPS g Co Recovery.
  2. Enter the recovery email of your account and hit next
  3. Follow the instruction given on-screen carefully.
  4. Once you submit the details on the screen, you will get to see many usernames list.
  5. Choose the username from the list that belongs to your account.

Google account recovery using the phone number

You can follow the procedure below to recover your account with the help of a phone number

  1. Firstly go to the Google account recovery page using the link HTTP g co recover
  2. Enter the email address that belongs to your account and then clicks on the tab next
  3. Select the forgot password tab on the screen
  4. Enter the password that you remember else click on the link try another way
  5. Choose the send code option there
  6. Now you will receive a code by SMS
  7. Enter that ode on the column on your screen and click on the option Submit
  8. After you click on submit tab, you will be moved to a password reset page where you can create a new password
  9. Once the password is created, you can log in gain any time by using the new password

Follow the same procedure above to recover google account using security questions and date of birth. You can use the above recovery options to recover your account in almost every situation.

Can I get my Google account back after a factory reset? 

Yes, you can get your Google account back after a factory reset. All you have to do is log in to your account again using the credentials. If you forget your username or password, you can use any of the above recovery options to get your account back. You can speak to the Gmail live person customer support team of Google anytime to get instant assistance.

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