How Can I Ask a Question On Yahoo?

The yahoo users want to ask the question from the yahoo related to the services provided by the yahoo. Are you facing any issues and want to ask the question from yahoo. Yahoo is a very customer-friendly service provider. Yahoo provides the option to ask the question from the yahoo through question and answer box. Many users ask the questions how do I ask a question on yahoo? If you want to ask the question from yahoo directly to the yahoo team on the yahoo page. Below are the steps that will help the yahoo user to ask the question.

Steps to ask a question on yahoo

  1. Firstly the users need to open the official website of yahoo with the help of any web browser.
  2. Now on the current web page, to ask the question, the users need to log in to the account first by entering the login credentials of the email and password user.
  3. After login into the account, the user will see the ask option.
  4. Tap on the ask option and then enter your question in the space provided.
  5. now the user needs to tap on the send option. The question is sent to the yahoo team.
  6. As the yahoo team replies, the user will get the notification on the yahoo account of the user.

Is there a Yahoo Answers app?

Yahoo is very popular among users for its customer services. Many times it is seen that the yahoo users face difficulty in the services provided by yahoo, and they want to connect yahoo customer team to get the answer. The yahoo users generally ask the question, Is there a Yahoo Answers app? So that they can ask a question on the app and get the answer without calling. So yes, yahoo has recently launched an app called yahoo answers, formerly known as yahoo hive for android and IOs users so that yahoo users can ask the question on the app and get the answers. This app is available in multiple languages, namely Chinese, English, French, German. The yahoo users can ask the question and post the same in their language as they feel comfortable.

How can I find my questions on Yahoo Answers?

It may be observed that the yahoo users many times face difficulty in the services provided by yahoo, then in these situations, they may feel to ask the question from yahoo and use the yahoo answers app, but they then ask How do I find my questions on Yahoo Answers? Whenever they ask a question, they need to find them back to get the answer. So to find the question on yahoo answers, the yahoo user needs to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Steps to find the questions on yahoo answers

  1. Open the yahoo and log in to Yahoo Answers by entering the login username and password.
  2. Now the user needs to tap on the username available on the left sidebar of the window to present the below notification bar. 
  3. Lastly, the user will find my question tab.
  4. On clicking my question tab, the user can view the questions they asked.

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