2020-12-22-12-42-16How do I recover my old Yahoo account

How do I recover my old Yahoo account?

If you are looking for ways to recover your old Yahoo account, then there are certain things that one could perform. All you need to do is to follow the step by step guide mentioned below and you are sorted. 


How do I recover my old Yahoo account?

  • Go to the web browser at https://login.yahoo.com/forgot. By submitting a confirmation code to your backup email address or phone number, this website will help you restore your Yahoo account.

  • Enter your email address for Yahoo and click on Proceed. Introduce your recovery phone number or email address if you do not recall your Yahoo email address.

  • Review your address or phone number for backup. There will be a partial view of the address or phone number. Click Yes, Give me a verification code if you have access to the address or phone number. If not, to view another choice, click I do not have access.

  • In the message from Yahoo, find the verification code. If you have chosen an email message for the recovery process, open the inbox of that address and then open the Yahoo message. You will receive a text message with the code if you have entered a phone number for Yahoo account recovery.

  • Next, you need to formulate a new password. Re-Enter the password and you are done. Your password has been successfully changed. And you will be able to recover your Yahoo account.

Another thing that one could do is to connect with Yahoo customer service if met with any problem or inconvenience with recovering an old Yahoo account. They will provide ultimate guidance to fix your problems and issues.

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