2021-02-04-02-39-28How to Block Spam and Unwanted Emails In Gmail Account

How To Block/Filter Spam And Unwanted Emails In Gmail in a swift manner?

Sometimes it's not quite effective to just Gmail filter all the spam mails. In such a scenario to get rid of such emails radically, it is advisable to block email messages in a cost-effective manner. Have a quick look at the step by step instructions that can be followed in a proper manner.

  • First of all, launch a web browser as per your choice

  • Moving to the next step, the user is required to login into Gmail by entering an email address along with the password

  • Moreover, the user will be redirected to the inbox, where the user is required to search for the sender whose emails and messages need to be blocked

  • Moving to the next step, the user is required to hit down the arrow available far right of the sender’s name in an error-free manner

  • Now the user is required to hit click on block sender name from the drop-down menu

  • Finally, the user is required to hit the click on the block option to block the messages in a robust manner

To Filter Spam-Mails User Can Walkthrough on Some of The Guidelines as Illustrated Below:-

  • User is required to hit click on the show search option in the Gmail search field

  • Moving to the next step, the user is required to type the desired field in from the option. Make sure the email address that needs to be filtered is entered properly

  • User is required to hit a single click on create filter with this search

  • User is required to hit click on delete option available under the subheading of filter option

  • Finally, hit click on the create filter option

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