2021-02-04-02-45-01How to Recover Gmail Account Password Without Recovery Email

How to Recover Gmail Account Password Without Recovery Email

With so many online accounts and various criteria to create a strong password, anyone can forget the password. The recovery of the Gmail account password without a recovery mail is really simple and there is more than one method to do so. The first step in each recovery is to open gmail.com and enter your email id. Then click on forgot password and then adopt any of the under mentioned recovery methods.

Method 1:-  First method is the recovery of a password using your registered mobile number. Click on forgot password and it will take you to a new window asking for your registered mobile number.  Enter the mobile number and submit it. Then enter your first name and last name and submit. Google will send a verification code to your mobile number and Standard rates for SMS will apply. Enter the code and reset your password

Method 2:-  Google will ask for a certain question like and prompt certain steps for Gmail account password recovery.

  • Enter the last password you remember

  • When did you create this Google Account? The month and year

  • Or click on try a different question

A. Enter an email address you can check now. It helps if you use an email you’ve already added to this account.

B. Google will send a verification code to that email.

C. Enter the verification code here.

If Google can verify that this account belongs to you, you’ll see instructions to help you sign in. By following any of the methods you can recover your Gmail account password without recovery email.

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    Find my passwords

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    i really need to find this account really important

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