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Why is my Yahoo mail not working?

Yahoo is an online platform that has millions of daily visitors who use any of the desktop or mobile devices. In the digital journey of 26 years, Yahoo has tweaked its performance many times to provide a great UX and UI to its users. Many users use this platform, however, some are not able to get the complete benefit of the Yahoo mail service.

They get the Yahoo Mail Not Working error which they need to work out. For this, it is important to know the reasons that can create this technical issue.

Why has Yahoo mail become inoperative?

Yahoo mail may not work due to many reasons that are discussed below:

  • Yahoo Mail Account Login Is Not Working: Sometimes, the Yahoo mail login section does not work properly. This problem causes huge trouble for its users to log into their accounts. This is the primary reason for Yahoo not working for its users.

  • Yahoo mail is not receiving emails: Even if you can log in to your Yahoo account, you face some issues in sending as well as getting the emails. This also causes the problem of Yahoo Mail Not Working.

  • Faulty Yahoo mail account settings: Occasionally, the settings of the Yahoo account are incorrect. This especially occurs when Yahoo mail is used with an email client and you need to set up the IMAP or SMTP server settings.

  • No use of the internet: Seldom, the internet connection is not present in the area where you are accessing Yahoo mail. This condition does not allow you to use the Yahoo mail service properly as it requires an internet connection.

  • Update the Yahoo mail app: Many users do not use the updated version of the Yahoo mail app. These users generally face the problem in the operation of the Yahoo mail app. Along with this, using the older version of the internet browser application can also create this issue.

  • Overheating of the hardware: The Yahoo Mail Not Working can also appear when the device that you are using is continuously getting a lot of heat. This obstacle can also occur when Wi-Fi becomes overheated.

  • Temporary Errors of Yahoo Mail: Some irregular errors can also create the Yahoo not working problem. Yahoo error codes 14, 15, 16, 18, and 19 are the most common codes that create this issue.

  • Yahoo Server is down: Sometimes the Yahoo Mail Not Working occurs when the server is down in your area or the Yahoo website encounters the downtime error. Both of these situations fall into the category of the server-side error and can be fixed with time.

  • Yahoo mail terms violated: The violation of the Yahoo mail usage terms which are set up by Yahoo mail also makes the Yahoo mail not work. In this situation, the service blocks itself for the specific user or network.


Ways to fix the Yahoo mail issue

  • First, get in touch with the official Yahoo Customer Service.

  • Restart the device you are employing.

  • Reconnect the internet connection.

  • Update the Yahoo mail app or web browser.

  • Change the network or the internet browser.

  • Enhance the settings as per your preference.


The panacea for fixing any problem in the working of Yahoo lies in the method of contacting Yahoo Customer Service to gain more details.

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