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If you are worried about your photos or data getting deleted from the phone, then you can save it on Google. Google provides backup memory in every account to save all the photos or documents which does not require any extra space or memory. As long as you have a Google account, all your photos and videos are safe. In case you create a new Google account, you can sync all your photos there.

Contacting the customer support of Google for photos

Often people report problems as they are not able to get the backup of their pictures or any other issue. In this scenario, you can contact the Google customer service team and report your problem. Here is how you can report your problem.

Types of problems you can report to Google customer service related to your photos

  • Report any abuse or issue

If you notice any illicit act on your account or see anyone else uploading photos on Google backup which violates the privacy policies then you can contact the customer support team. Also if your Google account gets hacked and if your pictures are stolen then you can report it that too.

  • Search photos with the help of people or places or things

If you are looking for any specific photo from the big collection then you can search by entering any specific event, location or place.

  • Getting the update related to the Google storage

Google keeps on updating its storage policies and to be notified, you can check the latest policies. Originally Google gives 15 GB of free space to the users to save their pictures and for more space, contact the support team.

And you reach out to the Google photos customer care, for all these queries. And meanwhile, if you have any other doubts then you can contact the customer care team 24x7.


Google Photos
Developers Google
Initial release May 28, 2015; 2 years ago
Stable release(s)
Android / February 28, 2018; 18 days ago
Android Daydream / February 28, 2018; 18 days ago
iOS 3.14.0 / February 20, 2018; 26 days ago
Development status Active
Operating System AndroidiOSweb
Type Photo storage and sharing


Google Photos Help

How Can Google Photos Support Help You?

  • Get started

  • Create and buy a photo book

  • Share photos & videos

  • Manage photos & videos

  • Back up your photos & videos

  • Edit photos & movies

  • Settings

  • Troubleshoot or send feedback


  • Comments List
  •  John Stott

    I have an Apple iPhone 5S and the google photos app which has the “remember this day” of whatever is completely stuck on one single day back in 2012 and I cannot find a way to change it which is a shame as I do look forward to this feature changing day by day. Help please how can I change it to bring it up to date?

  •  Allison Scherer

    I am getting the memo that "ordering google photos is turned off from within google photos". How do I fix this? Why this memo?

  •  Cassandra

    I recently had someone hack into my Google account which had access to my Google photos. I deleted the app and reinstalled and I cant find all the pics that I had on there. I was wondering if there is any way possible you can help me get my photos back

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