How to Get a Support Ticket for Google Photos? [Solved]

On the computer browser, open the menu by clicking on its link on top left and use the “Send Feedback” feature. You can not only describe the problem as you can also include a screenshot.

Have in mind that according to settings you do or accept (and sometimes we accept without reading it entirely) Google Photos will backup not only the pictures taken by you, but also pictures on other folders of your phone. So when you see something unwanted on your Google Photos make sure these photos didn’t come from other apps like WhatsApp.

Submit your ticket to Google Photos’ support forum, which you can find here: Google Groups

While Google does read feedback and may occasionally respond, most of the time no response is received here. Using the Google Product Forums you should be able to get this issue reported to Google

Note:- This Article On How to Get a Support Ticket for Google Photos is Only Meant to Provide Information.

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