How to Upload Files to Google Drive Faster? [Solved]

We have a few tips for you, hope this helps.

  • Compression, have you compressed your folders? If not, that will definitely help, though you will not be able to browse the directory trees within the drive client. If you are stuck on compression choices, 7z is by far the best.
  • Internet speed. Though you may be paying for 10Mbps, 100Mbps, or even 1Gbps. That means download, not upload unless you have a symmetrical connection, which We can guarantee you don't.
  • Peak/Off-peak times. Think, will Google be experiencing a lot of traffic right now? Though they are Google, and they essentially are the internet, bear this in mind.

99%, Google will not be the bottleneck. Unless you have really shitty WiFi or a seriously busted old piece of crap machine, that isn’t the problem either.

It’s very likely your ISP. Specifically, your upload bandwidth. In general, broadband upload bandwidth is much smaller/slower than the download. For instance, here is my


This is pretty typical - in the USA. Upload is roughly 1/10 of download. And as someone who has worked for 3 different broadband providers, we can tell you there is no real reason for this - outside of greed/monopoly. Or more accurately, oligopoly.

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