How to Set a Default Location With Google Maps? [Solved]

Follow these directions from the Google Map Support center.

Set or change your home and work address

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Another way to set a default location with Google Maps?

We didn't really know the answer so I went to the "INTERNET" and found the following:
When you first load Google Maps you will see a link called "Set default location" click it, enter "your city name" and hit "Save". Next time you load the page you should see the bounds of your city and search results are preferred within a given viewport. Hint: You must login using a Google account.

Simple Steps To Use The Google Maps In Iphone

If you are an iphone user and you are not able to set the google maps as the default app on your device then you need not worry and should stick to this page.

The steps below explains the simple actions that you need to perform to do so:-

  1. You need to start the process by tapping an address on the iphone so that your device could launch the apple maps app.
  2. After that when the apple maps open on your screen then you have to simply tap on the car icon so that the routing could start.
  3. Now you will be able to see three different tabs on your screen, you have to tap on the apps option.
  4. Followed by selecting the maps application that you wish to use instead of apple maps i.e here you have to select the google maps from the list of the apps that appear.
  5. After that you have to simply tap on the route button that is located near to list of apps.
  6. And as you do so you will get the google maps as the default maps in your iphone.

But just in case the above mentioned steps does not help you then you always have got an option of calling on the google technical support number to seek the better alternative of doing the things. You will easily find this number on the support site page of the google. So visit that page followed by tapping om the service and the product in which you are facing the trouble. And then you can simply dial the number to talk to the experts to resolve your issue.


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