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Brother is a Japanese company involved in designing and manufacturing various machines and systems for professional as well as home purpose. The products includes different kind of printers, fax machines, sewing machines, scanners, products for labeling, embroidery etc. At Brother, every product is design with high quality standards. They are compact and at the same time promises the best performance. The company is well known for its product's efficiency and thus people from all over the globe prefer Brother products. Brother Printers are the most promising printers. For every purpose, a printer is designed which meets all the quality and performance standards. The company keep on manufacturing new printers with more advanced and user friendly features and thus is being awarded many times for its quality and commitment. Be it the printer for photo, for simple document, for poster and be it an inkjet printer, dot printer, laser printer, all the products are best in their performance and that is the Brother promise. For any kind of help you can contact to brother printer support phone number or their service center for immediate and the fastest service.


Brother printers are easy to install as they are very much user friendly. User just need to have all the required things like proper hardware, software, drivers, power source etc. Following is the process to install a Brother printer.

  • Connect the printer to a power source.

  • Connect the USB cable with the computer.

  • If user is having the CD, then insert the CD and follow the steps to install with drivers.

  • If CD is not there then user can download the latest updated drivers from the official web site of Brother.

  • Click on the Control Panel and then click on Printers and Devices.

  • User can see the recently connected printer in the list.

Hopefull you have successfully setup your printer, as these are the easy steps to perform installtion task. Guys don’t worry if have any trouble regarding installation process, you can contact to brother printer customer service phone number for relentless service!

Brother printers have made remarkable position while working within a network of computers. A print server is a device which take command from any of the computer within the network and execute it by providing the print out at the selected printer. Here shown is the process to configure a print server with Brother printer.

  • First, check out , which operating system is there in each of the computer sharing the network.

  • If all are Windows 2000 and XP, then try to set the server for them only otherwise set up for All Windows clients.

  • From the control panel, go to Devices & Printers.

  • Then click on Add Printer.

  • Select the option for Add a Network Printer and click Next.

  • Then select the printer name for the print server. This will be the share name. Also, the print server will use the share name of all the computers listed in the network. Click Next.

  • When printer is added, right click on it.

  • Go to properties and then click on Sharing.

  • Again click on Network start up wizard and in the wizard, follow the instructions.

Done with configuring process in brother printer, or want help for that ceaseless & constant support contact brother printer customer support!


Refilling Brother Ink Cartridge is different from others because every ink packet is having a different tool for different model. So it has to be purchased according to the model number.

  • Take the refill packet near the printer. Spread some old newspapers to avoid stains. User can wear rubber gloves if required.

  • Remove the ink cartridge and place it carefully on the newspaper.

  • With the help of the tool comes with the packet, make a hole in the cartridge. If a hole is already there, user should confirm weather to widen it or not. If required then widen it with the help of the tool.

  • Fill the ink in the cartridge with the help of the syringe which also comes with the packet. Take care that cartridge should not get overflow.

  • When filled, cover the hole and seal it again. Remove the excess ink with the help of paper napkin.

  • Insert the cartridge back into the printer.

As we have already told that different model need different tool, but beside this some time user can not refill the ink cartridge, that time you can watch videos in youtube related how to refill cartridge and follow the process may be you will win. If still can’t do the same there must be some technical faults in your printer then contact to brother printer customer support number!

A printer spooler is a program that manages the print jobs. If there is one printer server, its spooler will manage and schedule the print jobs from other computers in the network. Some times, there may get technical issues. User may find that spooler is not working or spooler not running and thus giving it an error messages like "restart the service again" or "stop and start the spooler again". Usually this happens due to corrupt spooler program. Many viruses and Trojans are there which when enter in the system damage it. Here it is discussed, how to deal with the spooler issues and errors.

  • From Control Panel, go to Devices & Printers.

  • Then click on the Brother printer icon.

  • Right click and select Properties.

  • Then from the "View"menu, click on "See what's Printing".

  • Finally click on Refresh button.

  • The issue may happen due to inadequate disk space so try to clean it up and try again.

  • May be drivers get corrupted. Remove and install latest drivers.

  • User can also use any soopler repair tool.

Hopefully you have deal with spooler issue and have resolve the issue. If you find troubleshooting glitches due to some technical faults in printers then contact to brother printer support number or help desk center for instant support!

If you want to setup brother printer in your laptop or computer sytem then follow the given steps.

  • Connect the printer to the power plug.

  • Connect the USB to the computer.

  • If the wizard appears, follow the on screen instructions.

  • Open the browser.

  • Open the official web site of Brother Printer.

  • In the Support page, enter the printer model number and look for the latest drivers.

  • Download and install the drivers.

  • From Control Panel, locate Devices and Printers and find the printer icon , which is recently added.

Now you can print anything by providing commands from your laptop. But if you find any trouble while performing the same task, then contact to brother printer tech support or brother printer helpline phone number

Why We Choose Brother printer Tech Support & Customer Service Team for Help?

General troubleshooting is discussed in this article but if user still have any technical problems with Brother Printer then he should go for expert's advice. So Why to choose Brother printer tech support for help? Well, reasons are many.

  • Qualified and experienced professionals.

  • Technicians knows requirements and possible issues with each and every model of Brother Printer.

  • Immediate technical support is there through phone.

  • 24/7 service so user can ask any time.

  • 100 % customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

You have to pick up your phone and dial the brother printer technical support phone number for unending support and service from Brother!

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