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So you are in search of purchasing a new router for you to enjoy uninterrupted connection to the internet. Have you planned to buy a router of your choice or you have still sometime to think ? Well, if you are still confused as to which router is worth buying then rely on a Cisco router without any second thought. Cisco routers are one of the prominent products of all the router family and are widely acclaimed for its long list of features. However it is just a challenge to use any router if you are a new router user. Especially if you are stuck into some issues in it from time to time. Some router users are confused about setting them up and it leads to an episode of depression. Unravel cisco router issues through top notch cisco router service center by dilaing their cisco router support phone number!

If you are the one who is still waiting to get valuable methods to set up your Cisco router, then take help from the following step by step procedure.

  • The users should be in privileged exec mode for the configuration of their router.

  • First they need to enter the command named Enable.

  • Now you need to type configuration terminal command i.w. conf t.

  • Next configure router’s host name with the help of hostname command.

  • Now you need to configure the router’s domain name with the help of ip-domain-name command.

  • Next configure the enable password through the command named enable secret password.

  • Now the users need to configure the router password.

  • Next the users have to go for console password configuration.

  • Now finally the users need to enable telnet access through the command VTY terminal configuration mode.

Setting up Cisco router is an easy task. You have experienced the same thing from above steps, guys if you are in bit how to setup cisco router, then contact to cisco router customer service phone number, where your troubleshooting issue will be resolved!

Looking for help, as you don’t have any idea about how to install cisco router then you are at right place as we are discussing the procedure by which you can install cisco router.

  • First of all you are required to connect the Admin-workstation through a serial cable with the firewall for the purpose of configuration.

  • Now go forward to install TFTP server as well as terminalemulation software on Admin-Workstation.

  • Now Save the CISCO IOS from router to the workstation.

  • Now go ahead to download IOS of CISCO Firewall to the Router with the help of TFTP.

  • Now save the latest configurationfile from router to the workstation with the help of TFTP.

  • Next create the Configurationfile and download the file to to the router through TFTP.

Voila! After following the above steps, now you can use features of cisco router. Or if you found yourself in uncomfortable situation like cisco router does not installed due some external or internal reasons then buzz the cisco router technical support phone number, dialing this number you will reach to cisco router help desk department for help!

As you have setup cisco router, there are some settings which you have to change to make cisco router functional. Follow steps for that process.

  • First of all you are required to connect the USB cable to your PC as well as the router.

  • Now open the web browser and then enter in the address bar.

  • Leave bland the username field and enter admin in the password field.

  • Click OK.

  • After that click the Administration tab and then click on the sub-heading Factory Defaults.

  • Now click the button named Restore All Settings and follow the further instructions to finish the reset procedure.

Done with reset settings, now you can work on your internet or network as you have made some changes which were required to access the internet. If you face any trouble while doing this process then pick up your phone and dial cisco router customer support phone number or help desk for immediate assistance!

Many time we need to uninstall cisco router due to some unavoidable issues, for those people who want to uninstall it, just follow these steps may be it will help out you.

  • First of all navigate to directory where Admin view files are placed with the help of the command named router# cd flash.

  • Now utilise the delete command in order to remove the Admin view files as well as folders from the flash memory of router.

  • Now Delete the file named home.shtml with the help of the command router#delete/force/recursive home.shtml.

  • Next you need to delete the folder named ccpexp with the command router# delete /force /recursive flash:ccpexp.

  • Now delete the file named ccpExpress_ap_express- from the WAP flash memory

This way you can uninstall you cisco router but you can also re-install it by installation process. If you are facing any technical glitch then contact to cisco router help desk phone number for instant solution!

Why to Choose Cisco Router Tech Support & Customer Service Team For Help?

The router users who are not able to fix their router issues themselves due to any kind of problem can choose Cisco router professionals to decipher any sort of issue which they are being entangled into. They only need to contact these professionals whenever they come face to face with any hiccup related to their router. The pool of Cisco Router engineers are highly dedicated officials who can easily proffer you optimum help which you are looking for. These technicians have the latest tech knowledge which have enabled them to proffer first rate services to the users. Hence if you have any problem pertaining to your Cisco router, then avail Cisco router tech support phone number directly and get cisco router help from the technicians!

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