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Are you looking for the best routers in the world? If yes, then we want to let you know that all your desires will be fulfilled very soon when you will purchase the routers, which are manufactured by D-Link, which is considered as the champion of the computer networking products in the market. However, in today's world, as the need for forwarding the data packets is increasing, it gives rise to the needs of the routers. Being known for its astonishing features like the super fast speed, extraordinary performance, User-friendly Interface, low cost, and thus, providing a jitter-free Wi-Fi network to all the users, the D-link routers have become a household name. Moreover, you can see this router being used in over millions of institutions, and offices all over the world. Along with that, the latest technology used in these routers, faster USB ports adds more to make the customer's experience a heavenly one. In this article, we will help you learn about various operations, which are performed on your D-link routers and lastly, we will see the importance of D-link router support team and help desk department. 

We assume that you have already purchased a D-Link router by now and that's why we are mentioning below the steps of how to install & set up D-link wireless router?, just go through these steps and get to know about installation and setup process in d-link routers!

  • Firstly, the power to your modem should be unplugged.

  • Next, an ethernet cable from the PC to the LAN port on the routers should be connected.

  • After that, the USB cable should be connected to the Internet port of the router.

  • Then, the power for either your cable or your modem should be plugged in and then you have to wait for at least two minutes.

  • Next, the browser should be launched and then should be navigated in your browser and you have to log in there.

  • After that, in the setup wizard shown on the screen, you have to click on the next button and then, wait until the Internet connection is detected by your router.

  • Moreover, after selecting your Internet connection type, you have to enter the username and password provided by your ISP.

  • Next, you have to configure the Wi-Fi SSID, Wi-Fi password and then, your time zone should be selected.

  • After confirming the Wi-Fi settings, you have to register for a mydlink account and then, you are done.

Now you can use d-link router as you have installed it in your computer system, if you are new how to use dlink router/ modem then keep reading next article you will get to know, but your router not setup properly then contact to dlink router customer service team at their toll free number, which is mentioned in Dlink website!

As you have installed D-link router and now want to access its functionality for that just follow the steps which are mentioned below.

  • The first and foremost thing, which you need to do is to follow the step 4 “Then, the power for either your cable or your modem should be plugged in and then you have to wait for at least two minutes.” of the above procedure.

  • Then, after entering "admin" under the username and leaving the password field blank.

  • You have to click on login button.

  • Now click on OK button.

  • Whatever product of the D-Link router you are using, the above steps will work for all the routers.

Now you can access dlink’s features under router category. If you failed to under the above steps then contact to dlink router customer support number or d-link help desk department for immediate and smartest support!

If you have not updated your d-link router and want to access new features in it, then just update or upgrade it with these simple steps.

  • Firstly, the official website of D-Link should be navigated on your browser.

  • Then, the download section must be visited and Router option should be clicked.

  • After that, your router product should be selected from the given list and then, the latest firmware of your router should be downloaded by clicking on the download button.

  • After that, the steps 1 and 2 of the above procedure have to be followed immediately.

  • Then, the tools tab should be clicked and then, the firmware option from the left side should be selected.

  • Next, after scrolling down, the upload button under the firmware upgrade section should be clicked and then the file, which you downloaded in the third step of this procedure should be uploaded by clicking on the open button.

  • After that, the upload button should be clicked again and you have to wait until the completion of the up gradation.

  • Then, the continue button has to be clicked and your firmware has been upgraded to its latest version.

Now you can use upgraded version of dlink router and access its features with additional ones. But while performing the above task you face any issue, like the router does not functions correctly than contact to d-link router tech support phone number or you can ask for help from d-link help desk center!

Are you fed up of issues which encounter while using the router and you wnat to remove or un-install it from the system and than re-installed it with the same process which is mentioned above.

  • For the configuration of your router, firstly, the included power adapter should be connected to the wall socket as well as your router.

  • After that, the ethernet cable should be connected to the WAN port of both the modem as well as the router.

  • Next, you have to wait until you see a light indication on the screen.

  • Now, after heading to either your PC or mobile, the network preferences should be looked in.

  • Now, in the final step, you have to connect to the SSID commonly known as the Wi-Fi name, which you can find on the Wireless Configuration Card, which would be provided to you by your ISP and after entering the password, which would be listed on that card, you are done and your router is properly configured.

Although by above mentioned steps user can uninstall their dlink router. But there may be some other technical issues, which can not be sorted out by yourself. Although some users often fixes their router issues by themselves, but sometimes, it happens that they have to encounter certain errors which they haven't seen before. In that case user’s have to contact dlink router helpline number & center. Even after searching the Internet for their errors, they are not satisfied and in that case, the best way is to contact the D-link router support phone number. Now, you would be thinking why to contact D-link support team for help? So, to answer this query of yours, here are the answers for this troublesome question.

Why to Contact to D'link Router Tech Support & Customer Service Team?

As you have purchased router from D-link, then its their duty to provide you support for the same and they do it. They have many facilities by which customer can reach their support and service department some of them like to call, live support, chat, by asking question, having their service center and many more.

  • You can contact them to get the information about the registration of your product.

  • You can also contact them to avail the information regarding the warranty of your router.

  • You can also contact them to have a live online chat for fixing your issues.

  • Moreover, you can also give the feedback of your router by contacting them.

So feel free to contact to D-link router tech support number or ask your query from their technical support department. 

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