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Google Chrome is as faster as your imagination and it works error-free. Nevertheless, at times the users have to confront with challenges of the different issues. Google Chrome is associated with several features and services to maintain its internet service forever. Hence, confronting hassles with Google Chrome is drastically ordinary for a reason we are looking for a solution every single time. There are many people who don’t comprehend the Google chrome technical support phone number. After all, this phone number is first and foremost assistance in terms of proceeding the process of accessing a tech support team that offers top class troubleshooting tasks to come over from the worst situation promptly.

There are the really common problems occurred with Google Chrome such as Google Chrome is not working fine on Android device, Unable to open a Gmail account using Google Chrome internet browser, Google Chrome is not downloading or installing, Having an issue while upgrading Google Chrome internet browser, etc. If you are really having like these errors with your Google Chrome internet browser you must contact our tech support team to receive the solution without losing much time.

There are various resources through which help you might feel free to contact a tech support team at any time. You are not there to only choose your phone number but also you may click on the live chat, remote assistance, email service, phone call, etc. When it comes to getting the solutions promptly, it would be necessary to choose Contact number for Google Chrome with which help you can be assured to find out the real answer to resolve the problems within a short span of the time.

Google Chrome works in the following systems:

  • Windows: To use Chrome in Windows, the user must have Windows 7, or later versions, and at least Pentium 4 Processor and any upgraded processor that is SSE2 capable.

  • MAC: Using Chrome in Mac is possible if the user has at least OS X Mavericks 10.9 version.

  • Linux: To use Chrome in Linus one needs 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04+, openSUSE 13.1+, Debian 8+, or Fedora Linux 21+. At the same time, the processor of the machine needs to be at least Pentium 4 or any other version that is SSE2 capable.

So we can say that Chrome functionals appoximately in all devices. If there is any kind of issue while using this browser then it is suggested to the user to contact the Google Chrome support phone number, this number you can search from Google itself.   

Downloading and maintaining Google Chrome is possible in all kinds of devices and in all kinds of operating systems. To download Google Chrome, the following steps are to be followed in the above mentioned operating systems.

Windows: The user needs to download the installer file from the internet. After that the following steps are to be followed.

Step 1: On successful completion of the download of the installer file, “Run” or “Save” option is to be clicked.

Step 2: The user now needs to double click on the saved installer file (if he has saved the file), otherwise, if he has clicked “Run” the file will start working.

Step 3: In Windows 7, the Chrome Window will open up automatically. In Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, a welcome dialogue box will appear, which will prompt to select the default browser. On selecting the default browser, the user will be able to use Chrome. In Windows 10, the user needs to set the default browser to use Chrome as default browser.

MAC: In Mac, a “Disk” image will appear, where from the user needs to download Google Chrome.dmg file. On double clicking the file, the user could see the Chrome icon in the newly opened window. He can then Drag the icon to his Desktop or any other destination. Now the below-mentioned steps are to be followed.

Step 1: On opening the Chrome, the home page settings will be formed and browser history will be imported.

Step 2: The user then needs to open “Finder”.

Step 3: To the right of the Google Chrome window an “upper arrow” sign will appear which is to be clicked once.

Linux: In Linux, the user needs to download the installer file at first. On clicking “Ok” the page will open and Chrome will set up step by step. The user just needs to follow the instructions.

Readers now you get to now how to install Chrome in your system, that may includes any OS: Windows, MAC & Linux, hopefully these steps works for you if not then conatct to Google chrome customer service number for help!

Due to some reason you want to un-install your chrome browser in any OS then just read these instructions and uninstall your browser from your computer system.

Windows: Google Chrome can be uninstalled from all versions of Windows through the following steps:

Step 1: The user needs to close all the Chrome windows that are open and working.

Step 2: The user then needs to enter into the Control Panel of his computer

Step 3: He can now remove Google Chrome by selecting the application and clicking the Uninstall option.

In Windows10 the above-mentioned procedure could be followed from the Apps & Features option in the System.

MAC: In Mac, the below-mentioned steps are to be followed.

Step 1: At the bottom of the computer screen, the user needs to right click on Chrome icon and then select quit.

Step 2: From the Finder the user could find the Chrome application icon, which is to be dragged to Trash.

Linux: In Linux, following steps are to be followed.

Step 1: The user needs to open any terminal window.

Step 2: If the environment is GNOME, Unity, and Cinnamon the user could press Ctrl + Alt + T. On the other hand, on KDE environments the user needs access Konsole from System.

Step 3: Now the user needs to use the uninstall command in the following ways:

  • In Debian: sudo dpkg-r google-chrome-stable is to be used.

  • In any other system: sudo rpm-e google-chrome-stable is to be used.

After a few seconds, the user will be prompted to enter the computer's password.

Uninstalling process has been done, it is working, right? If not then check for system’s technical issues. May it has some other issue which you can find out after talking to Chrome technicians by dialing their Google chrome customer support phone number!

Google Chrome can be repaired in various ways depending on the type of problem the users’ normally face. If the application is not opening or going too slow or freezing suddenly the best option is to uninstall and reinstall the application. Uninstallation and installation steps are mentioned above, follow it and repair your browser. Apart from uninstalling and reinstalling the browser there are also some other methods by which we can repair our chrome browser.

  • Clear your cookies & history.

  • Close the window or frozen tab.

  • Check for your proxy settings, is it working properly.

  • Disable your extensions, it just use more memory.

  • After updation check for settings.

  • Use antivirus for protecting from viruses and keep scanning your system.

  • For repairing the browser turning off sandbox mode.

  • If you created some local storage folder then just delete it.

  • Reset your Google chrome browser.

  • Before opening up the browser check for internet connection.

  • If you have added some unnecessary plugins then just delete them.

  • Only use RAM-saving extensions in Chrome.

If you face any issue while doing the same activity then contact to Google chrome tech support number or its representative!

Extensions can be added to Google Chrome from Chrome web store. The user just needs to select the extension he needs and click the option Add to Chrome. In some cases, the extension will access some inbuilt database or tool of the computer. It will provide the list. The user needs to confirm that option and go on adding the extension. This is really easy task which you can perform by yourself, but if you have any issue then dial chrome helpline phone number which you can get from help desk!

Why Call Google Chrome Tech Support & Customer Service Center for Help?

Various types of technical issues may come up while using Google Chrome. Google Chrome support center helps to resolve all sorts of technical issues within minutes. Expert executives offer immediate assistance so that a user can work on Chrome unhindered. This Google Chrome technical support center can be called anytime from anywhere as they are available 24/7 throughout the year, just dial their Google chrome technical support toll-free phone number which you will get from Google's website only!

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