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Why Gmail is not working in Google Chrome and how to fix this problem?

You might face an issue with your Gmail or another service you are using through the Google Chrome web browser if the browser is outdated or not installed properly. But before you do anything, you should restart the browser and the device you are using and then check Gmail on Google Chrome. If in case Gmail not working in Google Chrome after the restart, you need to use the troubleshooting tips to get the problem fixed.

Troubleshooting tips to fix Gmail problem with Google Chrome:

  • You can check for the available update in the Google Chrome browser and also reinstall the browser if needed to get rid of the problem.
  • If your internet connection is very slow or not working properly, you need to get your device connected with a properly working internet connection and then check the Gmail on Google Chrome.
  • You need to check the settings of Google Chrome software in your device and reset the Chrome settings if needed.
  • Clear the cache and the cookies from the browser and clear the browsing data as well then try to use the Gmail on Chrome.

If you are not able to fix the problem with the Gmail and Chrome using the given troubleshooting instructions, you need to seek help from an expert. You can dial Google Chrome technical support phone number using your phone and get in touch with the live technician who will help you and get the issue fixed up for you. 

What to do if Gmail is not working in Chrome windows 10?

Gmail is among the prominently used email services on the internet. It is compatible with all browsers and devices. So, it can be easily accessed anywhere. Although the features of Gmail are the best but there are times when a user face issues while using Gmail in Chrome.

Fixes to resolve the issue of Gmail in Chrome

To overcome the issue of Gmail not working in Chrome windows 10,  a user can try out below mentioned fixes:

  • The user can try opening Gmail in the incognito mode of Chrome.

  • The issue might get resolved by clearing cookies, cache, and history from the chrome browser.

  • The user can check for plugins and browser extensions in the Google Chrome browser as it might be causing the issue.

  • By resetting the Chrome browser, the issue of Gmail not working in Chrome might get resolved, as it will go to its default settings.

  • The user can try using another browser and check the working of Gmail. 

If the issue still persists, a technical support team of Google can be contacted. The executives of the support team will assist the users with the best solutions and the services are available 24x7. The details of contact are easily available in the support section on Google’s official website.

How to talk to a live person at Gmail?

There is no doubt in saying this that Google is known for offering the best services to its users. Still, there are situations when the user might encounter minor issues with Google services and require assistance. So, in such situations, the user can contact the Google customer service and resolve all their queries. 

Besides, for the users who are wondering how to contact Google live person, they can read out this article to get complete information on the contact details and resolve all their Google issues. 

Contacting a live person at Google support center

As customer support plays a major role in resolving the queries of the users, Google has ensured that the users are offered with quick assistance through various modes if the users fail to seek assistance from a certain mode. 

1. Contact live person over a phone call

To offer instant support, Google has introduced a toll-free number that one can dial to contact the live person and seek quick assistance. In case, if the user fails to contact the live person over a phone call, they can opt for the alternative contact option. 

2. Request for a live chat

Further, if the user fails to call Google a live person, they can seek assistance by requesting for a live chat. 

  • For requesting live chat, the user is required to visit the Contact us page. 
  • Further, the user needs to select a particular product and request the live chat session. 
  • After that, the user can explain the issue can seek help regarding the same. 

3. Send an email

If the user fails to contact the live person by using either of the options, they can send an email to the support representative by explaining details. 

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