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How to change the Linksys Router name and password?

Get a Step by Step Guide to Change Linksys Router Name and Password 

Once you install the Linksys WiFi router and Linksys Connect Software, wireless network name and password generated automatically (SSID).  Although you can change the name of your router and the password as per your choice. This article will provide you all the required information about changing the wireless network name (SSID) and password through a step by step procedure through Linksys Connect Software.  

How to Change Linksys Router Name and Password? Follow the Given Steps

By following the steps for Linksys router password recovery, you will be able to change the router name and password of Linksys. 

Step 1

You will be required to open the Linksys Connect. 

Step 2

Once the main window of Linksys is opened, you need to click the Router Settings and choose the Change option. 

Step 3

  • Next, you will require to choose the Personalize section and click the Change option in order to change the Router's name and password. 

  • A window will pop-up on your screen so as to confirm the changes you're making. You have to click Yes and proceed. 

Step 4

  • Thereafter, you can set the name of your choice on the change router name and password screen. 

  • You have to enter a new name in the Router Name field and a password of your choice in the password field. 

  • Once you're done with the steps, click Change. 

Note: It is advised all to set the Easy Setup Key as soon as the installation completes. It will let you save the security settings like SSID and password. In this way, connecting other devices to your network becomes easy. 

Step 5

  • The moment you check the Router Settings details, automatically, Linksys Connect will update the settings. Note down the password that you have set. You will require it while connecting the other devices in your network. 

  • After that, you have to click the Finish button to return to the main screen. 

Change Your Linksys Router Name and Password Instantly 

Once you complete the above steps, the task of changing the Linksys router name and password will be completed. And you will no longer worry about how to change Linksys router name and password. On the off chance, you face any kind of trouble with the above process, you can contact the Linksys customer service team. The technical support representative will help you 24*7.  

Get instant help on how to set a password on Linksys router

Linksys router always provides you the best internet connectivity through its amazing Wi-Fi connectivity. It is most important to secure internet connectivity and for that, it is necessary to set up the password. When you share your Wi-Fi network with any other person, you share the network connectivity during the Linksys router setup and to the other than someone else without your information when you don’t have created the password. It is a password that will help you to secure the network connectivity in order to provide the best internet service to the users in every situation.

Further, if you have created the password of your Linksys router, but you suspect that your Linksys router’s password is compromised that you need to fix by just setting up instantly. If you are thinking of how to set a password on Linksys router, this page would provide amazing tips and tricks to get this issue fixed within a short span of the time.

Following are the ways assisting you to set a password on Linksys router:

  • At first, you need to turn on your router and then launch an internet browser.
  • Go to the router and turn it off and on and then press the reset button of the router.
  • You can reboot your router in a good manner and then select the password tab that you can on the website of Linksys router.
  • Now you must enter the new password that you fee suitable and then click on the Save button.
  • Click on the log-in and connect tab to access the internet using a password at the end.

Thus, all you are required to do is just follow the steps that are provided by our tech support team.

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