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Gmail Account Is Not Working On Google Play Store

Android phones developed by Google for smartphones and tablets have become the world’s leading smartphones.  It has a market share of around 65 % which means that 2/3 rd. of the world smartphone users are Android users. Google has developed an app store called Google Play store which contains millions of applications for different purposes. Android users can browse and download applications. Google Play is also a digital media platform that offers music, magazines, books, movies, and television programs. Google Play offers both free and paid apps.

To download any application from Google Play, the user needs to have a Gmail account which is basically a Google email service. Anyone can create a Gmail id of their own and then access the Google app store.

However, sometimes your Gmail might have some issues which may result in Gmail not working with the Google app store. This may result in an inability to download an application or unexpected shutdown of an app or maybe system messages from Android OS that displays an error message.

The problems with Gmail not functioning on the Google play store are discussed below along with the possible solutions.

  1. Gmail password incorrect: Whenever you download an app from the Play store, you need to sign in with Gmail first. To sign in with Gmail, you would require a password. If your password is incorrect then you would not be able to sign in. Try using the correct password and sign in. In case you forgot your password, consider the forgot password option.
  2. Insufficient Storage and Memory issues: If the memory of your smartphone is full, Gmail or Google Playstore may not function properly. Try deleting some apps to avoid this.
  3. Outdated Android OS: Your Android OS may not be up to date which may result in Gmail not working in Google play store.
  4. Cache issues: Sometimes, your phone gets filled with unwanted information in the form of caches which results in Google Playstore not working. Go to applications and go to Google play store and press force stop. Restart your phone to see if the issue has resolved.
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  •  Levona Geimausaddle

    I can’t read the first 4 codes n a google play gift card I purchased yesterday, I gave the receipt, can’t get through to support

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