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How To Change Recovery Phone Number And Email For The Gmail Account? Here Are The Ways:

A Gmail user can change, edit, update or removes phone number on his account. And when it comes to recovering the phone number or Gmail address, are used to the different reasons and for that aim, the users can have the excellent guidance from the skilled techies who are available at every single of time. Gmail offers the correct ways from its settings on how to change and recover the phone number for which the users need to go to the settings gear icon option which is showing at the right on the same page.

At the meanwhile, if the users are having an error in doing so then techies will guide you to proceed with the appropriate guidance to complete the procedure at the earliest. So don’t go away and don’t panic and contact Gmail technician today if you are really having an issue in recovering the phone number and email address for the Gmail account.

Get Solution On How To Change Recovery Phone Number On Gmail Account:

  • Turn on an Android device and then click on the Gmail apps.

  • Enter the correct email address and password and then click on the sign in button.

  • Go to the settings and then click on the account and import option showing on the above.

  • This will allow changing the password to confirm so that you can save change the settings.

  • Then after go to my account option and then click on the click on the personal info.

  • Click on the account recovery option and then enter the password to verify your number.

  • And then click on manage your personal number and then a verification code will send to your mobile phone which you are required to enter.

  • Having done the task click on the done button eventually.

Get solution on how to change recovery email on Gmail account:

  • Go to my account and then click on the click on the email address option.

  • Click on the recovery email account tab and then enter the correct password into the field.

  • Click on the edit button if you want to change or remove.

  • Having done the task click on the save change button at the end of the process.

If looking for the additional help and information then you are required to visit Gmail technical support center which runs at 24 by 7.


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