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How to Fix Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails?

After Google, Yahoo is the second email that is preferred by users from all across the world. It is known for its various services along with sending, receiving and managing emails for users. Also, it has upgraded its interface and other functions with the advancements in technology ever since it came into introduction in the digital market. Yahoo email is considered to be a tough competitor with other emails and has not left any stone unturned to help the users with its services. 

Yahoo has also been receiving a commendable response from the users for its services and functions. Still, the officials keep on improving their services and make it user-friendly email and interface. However, if you are a user who is facing the issue of Yahoo mail not receiving emails issue then you shall not panic. To get the issue resolved you must first know the reasons behind the cause. And all these are mentioned below. 

Reasons Behind Yahoo Not Receiving Emails! 

  1. Improper internet connection in the device where you have logged in Yahoo email. 

  2. An excess number of text messages in the inbox and outbox of the email. 

  3. Using the old version of Yahoo application in the device. 

  4. Not updated device to its latest software version. 

  5. If using on any web browser then due to accumulated cookies, caches and browsing history may lead to such an issue. 

And there are many other reasons which may lead to the cause of Yahoo not get an email. And to resolve the same you can follow the steps below. 

Different Ways to Fix Yahoo Not Getting Email! 

  1. To start with first check the internet connection in whichever device you are using. If the internet is causing the issue then you can contact the service provider. 

  2. Clear all the text messages from inbox and outbox such that there is a space for new messages to arrive. 

  3. Update your Yahoo application if you happen to use an older version of the email. 

  4. Try clearing all the cookies and caches from the settings of the web browser you are using. 

  5. Update the operating system of the device in which you are using the Yahoo application. 

  6. You can try with Yahoo account recovery in case you happen to forget the account password. 

Hence, with the help of the above tips and tricks, you can get your issue of Yahoo not receiving emails issue resolved. 

Contacting Customer Support of Yahoo Email! 

The users who are still facing the issue are welcomed to contact customer support. This customer support is 24/7 active on different platforms.  

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