2020-01-28-01-45-18How do I find the password for my Linksys wireless router

How do I find the password for my Linksys wireless router?

In this technological dependency, the internet is playing a very important role for the users. And this internet can be used with the help of wireless routers or network service providers. And if you have a Linksys wireless router as your network provider then you shall relax as this router provides the best speed provided you have a good service provider. But if you wish to connect your Linksys router with any other device then you require a password. And in case you do not remember your password then you can locate your password and enter the same in the device. Here are the steps which will answer your question of how do I reset a Linksys router password which is mentioned below: 

Find Your Linksys Router Password in Simple Steps!  

  1. Connect your computer to the Ethernet jack of the router. 
  2. Type in the link such that you can log into the Linksys administration panel. 
  3. To access your router’s wireless settings you can tap on the “Wireless” option. 
  4. When the wireless network settings are displayed in front of you, tap on the menu that contains “WEP and WPA”. 
  5. A box is displayed which is labeled as “Password” and you can tap on the box to find out the password.  
  6. In case you want to change your password then tap on the option “Change” which is just below the password displayed and create a new and memorable password. 

Therefore, with the help of the above steps on Linksys router reset password and finding passwords you will get your answer. But in case you require any help then contact respective customer service. 

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