How many ways to find the Bitlocker recovery key?

Are you getting any error while unlocking your drive in your computer due to the password issues? Then you will require a recovery key to open that particular drive. But if you have forgotten your Bitlocker recovery key, then you will be required to recover it which is very important in order to open your drive. There are numerous easy ways can help to retrieve Bitlocker recovery key Windows 10 in a very simple manner. In this article, you will learn about the step by step process to retrieve the Bitlocker key in an effective way.

Here are the steps to retrieve the Bitlocker recovery key on Windows 10:

Find recovery key in OneDrive

You can go to the official Microsoft account via https://account.microsoft.com/devices/recoverykey and then log in to your Microsoft account using email ID and password. Now you can simply find the recover key in OneDrive.

Find on a USB flash drive

If you save the Bitlocker recovery key in your USB flash drive, then you may also find it. You can plug the USB flash drive in your computer and then follow the on-screen instructions to see the recovery key.

Find in the file

You can also check your computer if you will be saved a retrieve key and you can simply find it with the name Bitlocker Recovery Key.TXT on your Windows 10 computer.

You can simply find the Bitlocker recovery key lost on your Windows 10 computer after applying the above-given steps and if you are not capable of finding the Bitlocker recovery key, then contact the customer service team.

How to recover Bitlocker, and how long is the recovery key?

If BitLocker users forget the password they have to recover it first using the key. BitLocker key is quite necessary for performing the recovery for an account. You have to find the recovery key first and then enter it to process the full recovery for BitLocker. If you are not able to recognize your BitLocker recovery key, then look for a unique numerical password having a total number of 25 to 48 digits. Hence, the BitLocker recovery key is 25 to 48 digits long. Next, follow the enlisted steps for finding the BitLocker recovery key and completing the recovery.

  • First of all search for the BitLocker recovery key online by visiting its website
  • Or you can find the copy of recovery key on a USB drive or search for the paper copy of it
  • Next, turn on your computer and wait for the recovery window to open
  • Then enter the BitLocker recovery key in the given space on the screen
  • Next, press skip this drive option until you get the troubleshoot option
  • Then click on troubleshoot and choose the restore factory settings option
  • At last wait until re-installation process finished

Now, that you know how long is a BitLocker recovery key, find it simple to use for account recovery. Besides, you can get help from the BitLocker customer support regarding the recovery key.

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  •  Harrison

    I saved my bitlocker recovery key on one the other drives in my laptop. How can I view it yet the laptop request it to restart?

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