2018-02-16-02-44-16How to use iTunes with your iPhone

How to use iTunes with your iPhone?


Itunes is basically the platform or the store that you can simply use just in case you wants to download any of the music files of your choice onto the iphone or the ipad that you are using. So just in case you are the iphone or the ipad user then you can simply open your device followed by connecting it to the itunes and then you can further go on creating your favorite playlist there. And just in case you wants to listen to that music then you can do it by login to your account. Now these are the things that sounds so easy to do but when you try to use the itunes then you will get into a number of issues if you are not having the proper knowledge of it and hence it is recommended to first of all the easy process to do so.

So the simple steps that you have to follow in order to use iTunes with your iPhone are as follows:-

  • if you wants to play the music files on the from the itunes on your device then you have to do the things that are written below.

  • Like you have to first of all go to the settings option followed by going to the videos option that is called by the name of the home sharing.

  • Followed by scrolling down to the heading

  • After that you will be able to see the sign in option, as you find the sign up button then you just need to tap on it.

  • Followed by adding the apple ID as well as the password that you have set for yourself.

  • Here one thing that you have to keep in your mind is that you have to use the same apple ID for all the devices on to the home sharing network.

And just in case you feel that you are not able to do follow the steps that are written above or you are not able to do as written above then feel free to take the help from the experts of the company.

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