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How to locate Chrome Bookmarks Location on different OS?

There is no doubt Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers which offers plenty of user-friendly features. Also, it lets you save the important webpage and bookmark them. In this way, you can access the website as per your requirements at any time.

Moreover, it happens to see that sometimes the users need to get the bookmarks search for chrome bookmarks location. Well, this post will help you to do so.

Locate Bookmark Files in Windows

Since Bookmarks helps you to store the pages so that it can be accessed at anytime from anywhere using your Google ID. Moreover, the data of  Bookmarks also gets stored in your Windows system which can be retrieved via path "AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default."

Also, if you need to delete or remove the bookmark, you can do that using the path and you would get the files.

Locate Bookmarks Files in Mac OS

If you have a requirement of modifying or deleting the bookmark data, you can locate the chrome bookmarks location via path "/Users//Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default."

Locate Bookmark Files in Linux

If you need to locate the Bookmarks in a Linux operating system based device, you may do that by the path "/home//.config/google-chrome/Default/" or in "/home//.config/chromium/Default/".

There is something to note that "." prior to the config indicates that it's a hidden file and hence you should get the file through the command line.

Apart from this, if you find any problem while locating the Chrome Bookmarks on your system, you can contact the Google Chrome helpline number to get instant assistance.

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