2019-10-30-10-35-02How to update the Linksys Router

Want to update Linksys router? Here are the steps and detailed info

Linksys is well-known for the manufacturing of network routers that have different firmware. The firmware in the Linksys routers is either Linux based or third-party. The routers have varying configurations.

Steps to know how to update the Linksys Router?

In order to ensure the optimum functionality of the router and avoidance of bugs, a regular update should be checked. If a user wants to know how to update Linksys router, below mentioned steps are followed:

  • Initially, the user is required to locate and write down the product information so that it can be easily used for further steps.

  • The user needs to search for the latest version of the firmware and update it to get the latest features.

  • Then, the default gateway of the router is located on the computer.

  • After that, the web interface is accessed using the default gateway.

  • Before installing the firmware updates, the back-up of router settings should be saved in the hard disk.

  • Finally, the firmware of the router is updated using the web interface.

For any help, the technical support of Linksys can be contacted at any time of the day as the service is available 24x7. The technical team can be contacted using the Linksys router phone number. The user can simply dial the phone number and the call will get redirect to Linksys executive. The best assistance is provided by the executives so as to provide better services. All the contact details are provided on the official website of Linksys routers.  

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