2017-09-15-09-54-40How To Create Labels In Your Gmail Account

How To Create Labels In Your Gmail Account?

Learn The Best Way For The Proper Utilization Of The Labels In Your Gmail Account

If you have a Gmail account then you must have heard of the term LABELS at least once in your lifetime. You would be tempted to know about the meaning and the usage of this extraordinary term and that's what we are going to do that for you in this article. So be calm and start concentrating on what is given in the next paragraph. 

  • If you want to add a label to your message then the first step is to launch that particular message and after that, you have to click on the label icon located on the top of the message. 

  • After that, you just have to select the type of label which you want to add. 

  • If you want to move an email of a particular label to another label, then what you have to do is to select that email and then click on the MOVE button. 

  • Moreover, it is also possible for the users to create a new label of their own and they can do it by clicking on the button named as ADD NEW Label which is located on the left panel of the screen and then you have to provide the relevant details listed there on the screen as recommended by the techies of the Gmail Customer Service.

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