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How to stop malware bytes pop-ups?

The virus deteriorates the smooth functioning of the system and efficiency. And to avoid systems from getting affected because of spam, users can download Malware Bytes. Malware byte is software that can be downloaded to detect viruses in the system and later remove it.  Once you download it, there will be repetitive notifications, alerts, pop up ads, etc. For a while, it's fine but can be a little irritating if flashed again and again. Hence if you are also pissed up with the frequent ads then the user can stop these ads. Since Malware Bytes application work for both Windows and Mac, therefore, there are different steps to stop malware bytes pop-ups for Mac as well as windows. Users can follow the below steps.

Steps to avoid Malware Bytes pop up ads in windows:

  1. Open Malware Bytes application on your system
  2. On the Settings option on the left menu
  3. Now click on ‘notify me when the full version is available’ and turn it off
  4. Next, turn off the option ‘show Malware Bytes notifications in the windows system tray’
  5.  Also, switch off ‘show notifications when real-time protection settings are turned off’
  6. Now Malware won’t send you unwanted notifications.

From Mac device:

  1. Click on system preferences
  2. Now tap on notification category
  3. Scroll down a little and choose Malware Bytes
  4. Next click on none under ‘Malware Bytes Alert style’
  5. Now uncheck all other notifications as well
  6. Last but not the least you can now click on the Notification menu

Thus the above steps were two different approaches for removing malware Bytes. In case if any user uses a window and not Mac then he can follow different steps to stop malware bytes pop-ups for windows. In the case of more help to contact customer support.  

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