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How to stop Malwarebytes pop-ups?

The virus deteriorates the smooth functioning of the system and efficiency. And to avoid systems from getting affected because of spam, users can download Malware Bytes. Malware byte is software that can be downloaded to detect viruses in the system and later remove it.  Once you download it, there will be repetitive notifications, alerts, pop up ads, etc. For a while, it's fine but can be a little irritating if flashed again and again. Hence if you are also pissed up with the frequent ads then the user can stop these ads.

What are the ways to remove Malwarebyte notifications?

Malware byte is a software that is used as a security feature for eliminating viruses and malware in devices. To protect one’s system you can get it installed in all types of devices. But once you subscribe to this application you will start getting Ads and updates. To one extent such ads are useful for creating awareness if you don’t know about such applications. But once you know these popup ads start getting irritated. But if you want you can remove them. To stop malware bytes popups refer to below points for more information:

Dial for customer Assistance:- +1-808-278-5330

Steps to block malware pop up ads:

  1. If you are using windows then open the malware app in your system first
  2. Click settings on the left menu
  3. Now go on the notification option and turn off the “Notify me when the full version update is available”
  4. Now turn off ‘show malware bytes notification in window system’
  5. Next, turn off ‘show a notification when real-time protection is turned on’
  6. If you are using mac then navigate to system preference
  7. Click on the notification option
  8. Scroll down and click on malware bytes
  9. Click on none under malware alert style
  10. Next, uncheck all the notifications
  11. Once done at last close the notification button.

And hence by following the above steps, you can turn off malware bytes popups. Moreover, if you want to enable it you can reverse the process and change it. Not just this but if you face any doubt or query then you can call upon customer support helpline number.

Since Malware Bytes application work for both Windows and Mac, therefore, there are different steps to stop malware bytes pop-ups for Mac as well as windows. Users can follow the below steps.   

Steps to avoid Malwarebytes pop up ads in windows:

  1. Open Malware Bytes application on your system
  2. On the Settings option on the left menu
  3. Now click on ‘notify me when the full version is available’ and turn it off
  4. Next, turn off the option ‘show Malware Bytes notifications in the windows system tray’
  5.  Also, switch off ‘show notifications when real-time protection settings are turned off’
  6. Now Malware won’t send you unwanted notifications.

From Mac device:

  1. Click on system preferences
  2. Now tap on notification category
  3. Scroll down a little and choose Malware Bytes
  4. Next click on none under ‘Malware Bytes Alert style’
  5. Now uncheck all other notifications as well
  6. Last but not the least you can now click on the Notification menu

Thus the above steps were two different approaches for removing malware Bytes. In case if any user uses a window and not Mac then he can follow different steps to stop malware bytes pop-ups for windows. In the case of more help to contact customer support.  

How to turn off Malwarebytes premium notifications? 

Malwarebytes is mainly designed for Windows 10. In 2012 Windows 8 coming into the market & at that time the Microsoft INC provides this software inbuilt features of Windows 8 & 10. That's why it is the super most software to prevent popups, malware or viruses of the computer.

Turn off upgrade notifications in Malwarebytes for Windows

  • Open Malwarebytes for Windows.
  • Click Settings, then click the Application tab.
  • Under Application Updates, turn Off the setting Notify me when full version updates are available.
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Malware byte new version Update

Malware byte basically is software installed in the system to detect any cache or virus which might affect the working of a computer. These days a lot of people install the malware in their devices and hence use it for running their computer smoothly. And with time malware new version popup keeps coming. Hence if you also want to know about the popup then tap below.

Malware’s new version popup updates

  1. If you want to use the latest version of malware byte then you can simply go to the official website and download it irrespective of any version you are using.
  2. The installation or downloads is basically free of cost hence you can download it if you want.
  3. One thing before downloading that you need to keep in mind is the new version won’t detect the database as the current version does.
  4. Also, one thing to keep in mind while installing the data is whether you use a free version or pay for it, both the version work the same way. There is not much of a difference.
  5. In case you are already using the premium version of the malware and receive the pop up of free version then cross-check and then download the later.

Hence while downloading the malware bytes new version 2020, be careful or you might not get the exact result! And if you face any issue then you can reach out to the customer care team of the malware for the solution. They will try fixing the installation issue.  

Note: - If you have any queries related to this issue please let us know. Our motto is to provide essential information about tech gadgets.

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