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Check out the simple procedure to reset Linksys password 

Linksys is an American company that is known for offering data networking hardware products to small businesses and home users. However, the most used Linksys products include wireless routers. 

Indeed, Linksys routers offer its customers the finest services but there are a few users who might face difficulty while accessing the router network because of the lost password. Fortunately, one can easily fix this issue in time by following the simple steps to easily reset the Linksys WRT300N setup password.

Steps to reset Linksys router password

Before starting with the password reset process, let’s make this clear that this procedure of password reset will restore the router settings to default. So, before trying out this solution, it is suggested to the users to try out other troubleshooting solutions before trying out this password reset option. 

Now, how to reset the Linksys WRT300N router password:

  • For this process, the user is required to locate the router’s reset button and proceed with the process. 

  • After that, the user needs to ensure that the router is plugged in and power is turned on.

  • Now, using a sharp object the user needs to press down the reset button for around 10 seconds. 

  • Once the router has been reset, the user is required to visit the login page.

  • After logging in the router page, the user needs to change the default password and create a new password for their Linksys WRT300N router. 

  • And after creating the new password, the user can configure the settings of the browser to easily access the internet.

And with the completion of this process, the query on Linksys WRT300N how to reset the password is resolved. For queries, one can feel free to contact support.  

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