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How do I get my BitLocker recovery key? 

Different Ways Find Recovery Key Of Bitlocker: Quick Guide

If you have forgotten the recovery key of your Bitlocker and you are unable to find it again then worry not as this article will take you through a couple of ways through which you can find it in no time.

Ways To Find Recovery Key Of Bitlocker

Way1: Via Using Microsoft Account

  • Navigate to the sign-in page of Microsoft account sign-in page
  • Next, enter the credentials to access your account
  • In your account, switch to inbox section and find your recovery  key in the Bitlocker mail

Way2:  Via Using Active Directory

  • Move to the My Computer section in your PC  or laptop
  • In the search bar, enter Active Directory
  • Form the results, select the Active Directory folder and then locate Active Directory Users and Computers folder
  • Next, open the folder and then right-click on the icon that looks like Computer
  • Now, select the Properties  option and then a pop-up window will appear
  • Click on the BitLocker Recovery tab and then you’ll able to see all the password that you have set in your Bitlocker

Hence, you should be able to find your Bitlocker recovery key without any issue by following the aforementioned ways. However, if you don’t then you can contact technical support.

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