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How To Turn On Or Off The 2-Step Verification?

2-step verification is the process to enhance the security of your Gmail account security. This email feature is provided by Microsoft for the Google mail accounts. It is easy to set up from the account and once the verification set, they will get all the login details via msg every time on their devices. Users have reached out to the support team for help with the steps related to enabling and disabling the verification process.

Here are the steps to enable Gmail 2 step verification process –

  • Open the Gmail account and con the upper-right corner click on the profile picture.

  • Now click on ‘My Account’ and choose ‘Sign-in & security’ from the account page.

  • Under the ‘Password & sign-in method’, select the option ‘2-Step Verification’.

  • Google now asks to enter the password and sign-in again before making changes log-in changes.

  • Click on ‘Get started’ to set up 2FA.

  • Now enter the mobile number. Users will receive text messages and voice calls on that number. Choose your preference and click ‘Try it’.

  • Users will receive a text or call with the code soon after the click. Enter the number and click on ‘Next’.

  • Now click on ‘Turn-on’.

Google users will be back at the 2-step Verification setting page, where users can set up an ‘alternative’ second factor in case you receive texts/calls.

Here are the steps to disable Gmail 2-step verification –

  • Log in to the Gmail account and move to the ‘My Account’ section.

  • Now in the ‘Signing in & security’ section, select ‘2-Step Verification’.

  • Sign-in using the username, password, and verification code.

  • Select the option ‘Turn off 2-step Verification’.

  • A pop-up will appear for the confirmation of the 2-step verification process. Click ‘OK’ to confirm the disabling of the verification process.

Not able to enable or disable the 2-step verification process? Contact the Gmail support team to get assistance from the support team. Support experts solve various types of email problems or account issues with different types of troubleshooting steps.

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